Saab News Switzerland: Saab new registrations in May 2011

In Switzerland, 21 Saab were re-registered in May. Last year it was still 44, which is a decline of 52,3%. The reasons are obvious.

Saab is still up in the year-on-year comparison. 2010 Saab has been approved for 161 in the period from January to May. In the same period, 2011 230 are new Swedes rolling on Swiss roads.

After all, an increase of a whopping 42,9%. The car market in Switzerland is growing by double digits, the traditionally high all-wheel drive share, which was 34,6% this month, is interesting. Diesel, also a segment that is interesting for the 9-3, is on the rise and has a 42.3% share in new registrations.

Switzerland, we feel, will continue to be a good market for Saab in the future. We know from our readers that many have already ordered the 9-4x or the Saab 9-5 SportCombi. The registration figures for Saab are likely to pick up in the fall.