Saab News Germany: 9-5 SportCombi for sedan price

Competitive prices and a special introductory offer for the 9-5 SportCombi
Frankfurt - Saab Germany has published the prices for the all-new Saab 9-5 SportCombi and the company's new crossover, Saab 9-4X. Both new launches are of great importance for the brand. In order to further emphasize the premium claim of the brand, the already long list of standard equipment of the Saab 9-5 model series of the 2012 model year was expanded.

The new Saab 9-5 SportCombi
The long-awaited Saab 9-5 SportCombi is an important newcomer for the brand and completes the completely redesigned 9-5 family after the 2010-9 sedan, which was introduced in autumn 5. The 9-5 SportCombi represents an interesting alternative in the segment of spacious station wagons and comes into the showrooms with the same engine as the Saab 9-5 sedan. In addition, the 9-5 SportCombi will also be available with the technically innovative XWD all-wheel drive from Saab. The model, the luggage compartment of which can be extended to a length of up to two meters, will be available from October; Orders are accepted immediately.

The price of the 9-5 SportCombi is extremely competitive; the surcharge on the 9-5 sedan is only 1.800 Euro. As a special incentive to buy customers who order by the end of the IAA (24 September 2011), the SportCombi for the same price as the sedan.

The dynamic and spacious 9-5 SportCombi is presented with an extensive range of engines - three petrol and two diesel engines. The entry-level model Linear with the powerful 180 PS (132 kW) 1.6T is available from € 35.500. The entry-level version of the diesel engine is available from € 37.700 with an output of 160 HP (118 kW). In the flagship version of the 2.8 V6 Aero, which is equipped with the innovative XWD system from Saab as standard, the SportCombi costs € 57.800. The long list of standard equipment for the 9-5 SportCombi also includes the roof rails. A reversing camera and an electric tailgate are available as special equipment.

With the introduction of the 9-5 SportCombi, the entire Saab 9-5 model series benefits from a considerable number of attractive additions to the already extensive standard equipment. As of now, all models have light alloy wheels, heated seats and a color instrument display ex works. The customer receives the extension of the offer for the design lines Linear and Vector at no extra charge. All Aero versions of the 9-5 now have a navigation system with color screen, Bluetooth connection and adaptive suspension damping called Saab DriveSense as standard. From the customer's point of view, the total value of this special equipment is more than € 5000. In order to further increase the attractiveness of the Aero variants, the price adjustment is only a little more than € 3000, -.

The new Saab 9-4X crossover
The new crossover from Saab with the model designation 9-4X is also new on the German market. The model series, comprising three equipment variants, which will be available from dealers this year, brings Saab's typical values ​​such as design and technology to the growing segment of mid-size crossover vehicles. For those interested in crossover, it offers an exciting option away from the mainstream. The appearance of the newcomer leaves no room for doubt: the 9-4X is a relative of the 9-3X and the new 9-5 and thus fits harmoniously into the Saab model family.

The Saab 9-4X model series comes with a 265 PS (195 kW) 3.0 V6 and a 2.8 Turbo V6 with 300 PS (221 kW). Prices start at € 43.000 for the 3.0 V6 Linear, the 2.8 Turbo with the top Aero equipment is available from € 52.500.

The Saab 9-4X can be ordered now. The delivery will begin in October.

Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Country Director of Saab Germany: "We are very pleased with the fact of launching three new products this year. Saab is back and the best way to prove it is with new vehicles. The 9-3 Griffin, which was introduced in the spring, has been significantly redesigned and we are now opening the order books for Saab's first crossover, the 9-4X and the all-new 9-5 SportCombi. Especially the new 9-5 SportCombi will appeal to a lot of new customers, if it is available from October at the German Saab dealers. This vehicle offers a fine combination between an attractive pricing, a rich list of standard equipment and the unique Scandinavian design. In the past, there were about 80 percent of 9-5 sales from SportCombis, and so it turns out that we have a lot of expectations for our "newcomer". "

Source: Saab Germany

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  • I saw the intoxicatingly beautiful 9-5 Combi shown in the article in Geneva and Zurich and was immediately ready to order it. Then came the crisis. Now I'm ready to order again - but strangely enough, Saab has withdrawn the exquisite “Granite Gray” color of the attractive exhibition model for 2012. This is a real stopper. How can you magnetically attract customers with a great look (besides the great technology) - and then not offer such product features. At Saab Germany and Saab Switzerland you could probably put enough pressure on Trollhättan to overturn the decision. In Switzerland there are 9-5 sedans in “granite gray” color, so why not offer the station wagon for 2012 as well. Thanks for a higher level action !!
    I have been a Saab fan since 26 years

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