Saab News Germany: Oldtimer meeting Emmerich at Pentecost

Organizer Ludger Wemmer and his Saab Sonnet. Photo: Markus van Offern
Organizer Ludger Wemmer and his Saab Sonnet. Photo: Markus van Offern

Still nothing about Pentecost? RP-Online writes in the current edition about a classic car meeting in Emmerich which takes place under “Saab participation” on Pentecost Sunday. The organizer, Ludger Wemmer, owns a number of Saab classic cars, some of which will be present at the meeting. A good date for the Saab community on the Lower Rhine and for the neighbors from Holland.

The complete article about the vintage car meeting in Emmerich:

The classic car meeting takes place for the sixth time at Pentecost, but this time not in the Rheinpark, but on the “Stromland Martini” on the Rhine promenade. Over 150 vehicles are expected there on Sunday.

The background for the change of location is the work in the Rheinpark. "The square behind the Martinikirche is a good alternative, but we hope to be back in the Rheinpark next year," said organizer Ludger Wemmer. It is not yet clear whether this will happen. "We do not yet know whether such major events will be allowed there after the park has been renovated." Which he would very much regret, because many of the classic car fans who visit the Pentecost meeting came because of the unique atmosphere in the Rheinpark.

Wemmer has also had various requests from other cities. "But as long as our meeting can take place in the Rheinpark, we will stay in Emmerich," says the Vrasselter. Cooperation with business development is very good.

When the weather is fine, 150 to 180 vehicles come, there is a lot to see and talk shop for the oldtimer fans. In addition to cars, tractors and motorcycles are expected. Clubs from Uedem and Bocholt, the Saab friends Lippe-Niederrhein and guests from the Ruhr area, from the Netherlands and Belgium have announced themselves.

Ludger Wemmer's passion for classic cars began with a Saab 96, built in 1972, a so-called “Buckel Saab”. The locksmith bought it for everyday use in 1978 and then sold it again. 15 years later he rediscovered it by accident at a dealer in Hünxe, restored the now 20-year-old car. The second was a Saab sonnet, which he had brought from California in 1994. This model was only built 8000 times for export to the USA. Wemmer had to completely restore it. This piece of jewelry, now almost 40 years old, can be admired on Sunday.

After at least nine Saab vehicles, he now also owns a tractor Ursus C 45 from the year 1957, his own year of birth, a Jeep AMC, built in 1982 and a Trabbi of 1967. Of his three sons Sebastian (21) likes to screw on the vintage cars. Wife Paula helps with the interior design.

For Whitsunday the initiator of the meeting hopes for nice weather and many guests in Emmerich - hopefully not for the last time.

Source: RP-Online


3 thoughts on "Saab News Germany: Oldtimer meeting Emmerich at Pentecost"

  • blank

    Hello oldtimer fans,

    we were already 2010 with our BMW 320 / 6 e21 convertible in Emmerich
    in the Rheinpark, was a great meeting, also due to the parkland
    On the 09. June 2011 we were back.
    This time with zei vehicles.
    The 320 / 6 construction convertible of my wife, as well as my just finished
    Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5.
    However, we were left for overcrowding (many others had to
    drive again) not on the area. We were extremely disappointed.
    One would probably have to resort to a larger terrain.
    My suggestion: other side of the Rhine bridge are two great parking lots.
    Frittenwagen out and the meeting is successful.

    Greetings from Goch

  • blank

    The 125 kilometers from Dusseldorf to Emmerich have again this year
    for my co-passengers, who were part of it for the first time, and worth it for me,
    There were many different vintage brands, including even
    a very rare Panhard, but also cars that I know from my childhood,
    such as DKW, Ponton-Mercedes, Karman Ghia and many others aroused old memories.
    I only wish that the meeting will take place again next year,
    My co-driver and I will definitely be back on our way
    Make Dusseldorf.
    Good drive on all sides

  • blank

    As every year, a nice meeting of many rare vintage cars on the Rhine in Emmerich! Cozy atmosphere and lots of nice cars, motorcycles, tractors etc. !!! I myself, SAAB driver for over 46 years, am to 6. Time there with my friends and acquaintances with vintage cars of course!
    As I know Ludger, the meeting will take place again next year in Emmerich am Rhein! He has my support for years, and who does not know Emmerich on the Rhine, do not know what you have missed! Keep it up!!!

    Greetings from the Münsterland, Josef Zabel 45721 Haltern am See
    SAAB friends Lippe / Lower Rhine

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