Saab News Trollhättan: Saab on the brink of new funding?

Saab factory Trollhättan - shortly before sale?
Saab factory Trollhättan - shortly before sale?

In Trollhättan, negotiations with some suppliers continue and, according to Saab employees, seem to be nearing completion. Also, further funding for Saab seems to be on the right track.The sale of the company property, followed by Saab's lease back, seems to be progressing decisively.

The originally intended buyer was the Convers group of Vladimir Antonov, around which it became very, very quiet. Meanwhile, Saab has an international one Broker switched on. Gunilla Gustavs from Saab's press office told the local press today that negotiations with a new buyer could be concluded soon. She put the sales value of the properties at 270 million Swedish kronor.

The sale of real estate is not a solution for long-term financing, that's clear. Saab bridges the time until a corresponding investor can get in and then buys back the buildings after the lease expires.