Saab News Trollhättan: Production stop "at least" one week

Dark clouds over Trollhättan
Dark clouds over Trollhättan

The clouds over Trollhättan are getting darker and more threatening. What started as a short production break could expand into a long production stop. Danger threatens from the suppliers from Sweden. This is new, because so far the suppliers on site have always been surprisingly cooperative.

But now, according to the local press, one is visibly upset and will put tough conditions for a new delivery. So one suspects that a longer production break threatens.

Understandable, because not only Saab had to undertake a number of efforts for the restart of production, and the suppliers were hurriedly asked to restart production after seven weeks. And on Monday it was announced that they wanted to go full capacity from next week. Then, the production stop on Tuesday.

Marcus Nyman, the CEO of IAC Group Sverige, had a chat with the Saab management in Trollhättan on Friday. He is satisfied with the information, he told the local press, but he asks for confirmation from the EIB that he wants to see.

He calls for clarification in the Antonov case, finds the behavior of the EIB absolutely unacceptable and finally wants the financing issue to be cleared up. He says the worst is the "no response from the EIB" and means the long silence from Luxembourg. Overall, Nyman is, as he says, a bit “more positive” than at the beginning of the week, but he would like to see guarantees.

The IAC Goup is one of the "key suppliers" without whom nothing will work. It is understandable that after the restart that did not go well, you now want to see guarantees of some kind before you supply Saab again.

Svenåke Berglie, President of the Fordons Component Groups, thinks the whole thing is “not at all good”. He says "apparently they (Saab) did not have enough liquidity to start production". He emphasizes the urgency of securing long-term financing, because "then that would not have happened".

On Monday, in Sweden is not a public holiday (?), The staff should appear for training purposes in the factory. The local press has also reported that a new financing option from the Middle Kingdom is possible. Circles signal this for days.