Saab News Trollhättan: Real estate sale nearing completion

Update: 11: 38

The Swedish press has speculated all morning about the imminent sale of factory real estate. We expect a deal in the next few days, the value of the real estate is estimated at 280 million Swedish kroner, which would correspond to approximately 30 million €.

The rumors have Saab confirmed today with the following press release:

Trollhattan, Sweden: - Spyker Cars NV (Spyker) announces that discussions about the sale and lease back of the Saab property are still ongoing as indicated in earlier statements. Spyker expects to make an announcement about the sale of the Saab property shortly, provided that final agreement has been reached.

Presumably, the Swedish property group Hemfosa will buy the Saab plant. The CEO of Hemfosa Jens Engwall met with Victor Muller and Vladimir Antonov in a hotel in Stockholm. The CEO of Hemfosa confirmed the meeting, the sale will run when the EIB releases the security.

It is about 120 hectares of land and 480.000 square meters of built-up area of ​​which 20.000 square meters are office space. Jens Engwall sees great opportunities for Trollhättan as a logistics location as the new connection to Gothenburg is currently under construction. It's an interesting property, though Saab has another use for it right now, he said. An interesting note, a rascal who thinks badly about it.

Source: Saab Automobile AB