Saab News: The patience of suppliers is dwindling

Saab Trollhattan
Saab Trollhattan

While negotiations are continuing in Trollhättan, the patience of foreign suppliers is waning. Lars Holmquist, the CEO of CLEPA, sees Saab's biggest problem with foreign suppliers who have no personal relationship with the plant in Trollhättan. To the Swedish news agency TT, he said "I think patience has run out". The CLEPA is the union of European automotive suppliers.

According to well-informed circles, the “lack of patience” of suppliers from abroad should be to blame for the fact that a new production stop in Trollhättan has taken place. Swedish suppliers are also blessed with little patience, understandable after months of delaying tactics. The supplier Kongsbergs Automobile is waiting for 4.3 million crowns and has therefore ordered the Kronofogden to collect it.

Otherwise it is relatively quiet around Saab, which does not suggest anything good. Victor Muller, who would have some coverage to tell, but today we have no motivation whatsoever, has canceled his participation as a speaker at tomorrow's Gothenburg Motor Show. He had, it was said, more important to do.