Saab in the morning: Antonov does not like anymore

Production break at Saab. Photo: Bengt Nilsson
Production break at Saab. Photo: Bengt Nilsson

He lost the desire to wait. Vladimir Antonov tried to join Saab as owner or investor in the properties for sale. Both failed at the EIB and Antonov is tired of it. He has no interest in investing, he told his spokesman Carlström. At least not under the current conditions and certainly not with the EIB on board. He finds it sad to be unable to do anything for Saab in the current situation, but it would not be up to him.

Antonov encountered granite at the Luxembourg bank and ultimately failed. But the Russian leaves the back door open. If the situation changes and Saab gets rid of the EIB, he would be happy to act as a shareholder. The EIB loan was probably the biggest mistake in Saab's history. Overprotected, overdone, and inflexible is this loan and so Saab is in the stranglehold of the Luxembourg bank. Any decision on the part of the business must ask the EIB, which bears a large part of the blame for the short-term stop in 10's production stop.

The production itself stands and stands and stands. No production, no money, no sales. Another attempt is in the stars and is also not likely. At least not if nothing fundamental changes in the situation.


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  • Eh, ei SaabDriver. Those who want to forbid others to shut up and then use this tone (“If you only want to save your fur here don't need to express yourself here”) are more likely to come out yourself.

    How pleasantly balanced, on the other hand, is the admin article on the subject of “order, wait or cancel” by tom: It depends on the individual situation. That's the way it is. Some can wait, others can't.

    The apparent realization that Saab with Muller is obviously more in the hands of a player than a corporate leader advised, makes upcoming decisions on this point unfortunately not easier.

  • The delivery date for my Griffin station wagon will probably go unused next week; I will set the dealer a grace period of 30 days according to the terms of the contract, but I doubt whether the delivery will be made within this time, given the current situation.

    Since I need the larger car relatively quickly, I will probably or evil to seek a repeal of the contract (there is no back-seat in Swiss sales law as opposed to German); Alternatively, I could hold the dealer liable for the costs of the delay, but I do not want that, because he can not help it and suffers from the situation).

  • Properly

    Saabs are wonderful cars

    but how are the quality of these cars,

    if with customers, employees, suppliers and their co-workers

    Roller coaster is driven?

    That may not be good for the cars,

    and what's not good for the cars is for sure

    not good for Saab either.

  • what does hide hide here ???

    I pay for a car,

    not for the Verschwickelteltwerden !!!

  • Juerg, Antonov relativizes this statement - which his spokesman made to the DI. He doesn't want to work with the EIB anymore, that's the point. One of the acute problems is to find someone to redeem the EIB loan and thus “free” Saab.

  • This is not about saving his own coat.
    Behind my order is after all a small company fleet of a medium-sized company. We depend on the vehicles. The leases of the previous vehicles (incidentally also Saab) expire. That means we have to return the vehicles, but we do not get new ones. That can not work.

    I also wish personally that it continues with Saab. They are wonderful cars.

  • I do not know where the source of this article is, but Antonov's tweet says something else:

    vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov ((about 1.30 AM, 16.6.)
    All who thought that we gave up! Only what I can say that is totally mistaking! Just give us a chance to do our job quite and effectively.

    And another thing:
    The renewed production stop also worries me very much, because I think that 40 million is very little in relation to the failure in a production stop. Let's say Saab charges an average of € 20 per car and produces 000 cars then that's 5 million a month! So much more! Not counting the loss of trust until the order is placed again. It's called self fulfilling prophecy, if you think it's going down the drain, it's going down the drain! The suppliers cut themselves to a large extent in their own flesh, they should think about that. In the end, everyone is left with nothing.

  • Very interesting comments here on the blog, congratulations. Because of you, Saab will probably go uphill ……. Griffin have been on the streets in Germany for weeks.
    If you just want to save your fur here, you don't need to comment here. Great Saab fans!

  • It is unimaginable with which Dilletantismus the management of SAAB acts, VM does not present itself here positively. The negotiations in China must finally also deeds follow!
    The order via my 9-5 AERO has been running since 10.03.11. In the situation that changes daily, suppliers as well as the most loyal SAAB customers (9 vehicles) lose patience.

  • @Woy

    you can not say that all in all

    depends on the contract you have signed with the dealer,

    in my stands 10 weeks + 25 percent extension maximum

    the extension must be communicated to me in writing by my dealer

    he has not done so far

    let's see

  • Already waiting for 10 weeks on my 9-3. My dealer can give me no information when and if ever again vehicles are built. Believe, so far not a single Griffin has been delivered to Germany.
    If my vehicle does not arrive by mid-July, I withdraw from the purchase. Then I'll buy a Volvo. They deliver reliably in 6 weeks.
    Incidentally, according to current reports from “Welt Online”, Saab is said to have around EUR 60 million outstanding with supplier companies. Da Pang's money is obviously not enough. Especially when you consider that wage costs etc. continue to run and nothing comes in due to a lack of sales.

  • Good Morning.

    Asked stupidly:
    Are there currently more generous “discounts” or other promotions from the dealers or can / want / are not allowed to give anything?

  • @gaston

    When did you order your car - how much delay can you cancel? I think about it every day too.

  • It's about time that someone told me

    where the 45 millions of euros from Pang Da have flown,

    why it fails to meet the "peanuts" claims of creditors

    Settle the court.

    From the day after tomorrow I can cancel my 9-5 order due to late delivery,

    and I have to admit, I'm close.

    This never ending up and down pisses me off, and I am

    certainly not the only one, that should make it clear to the VM.

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