Saab week: Saab 9-5, production, policy, Saab dealer

Saab is doing What. And there is something going on with model maintenance and constant optimizations. No matter what acute difficulties are currently taking place, Saab refines and constantly improves its product range. To give up ? No way. This is Saab Spirit.

Saab 9-5 with less emissions, chassis improved.

For the new model year, the standard equipment of the 9-5 series is improved, technically there is even more finishing touches than before. The CO2 emissions of all engines of the current Saab 9-5 range, including the new 9-5 SportCombis, have fallen by an average of 4.7%, and the average fuel consumption has declined analogously.

Saab put a lot of work into fine-tuning. The suspension set-up has been improved as previously announced, springs and dampers will be better adapted to the country-specific roads, Saab promises. Extensive test drives have been carried out for the important English market, and there is now a typical British set-up for the Saab 9-5. To what extent Germany experiences specific, only “German” improvements in chassis technology is not known.

With the new model year there is a new, improved interior design with more options in the "brushed metal look”Or“black pearl finish”On the center console and doors. The Aero Trim gets "mesh metal”For instruments and doors. We haven't seen the new design yet, information about it is sparse.

Nice that Saab continuously adds improvements to the series, it would be even better if the customers would finally get new Saab. Because one waits and becomes more and more impatient.

Saab production stop

If you look a few meters further, you will discover a completely different world. In Trollhattan near Saab the belts will soon be idle for the 11th week, in Torslanda at Volvo Trucks it is buzzing. But it's also booming in Trollhättan. Volvo supplier MAPE, formerly Finnveden Powertrain in Trollhättan, works overtime without end - on a voluntary basis. With the exception of the “Midsommar” celebration, production is carried out at Christmas until Christmas. And even after the Christmas days, you don't close, in the two weeks of the usual company holidays, a two-shift operation drives more trucks off the line at Volvo. The MAPE employees are proud of the fact that the plant was close to the abyss in 2008 and nobody wanted to buy new trucks.

In Trollhättan, the summer vacation is to be cut by two weeks and the local, Saab-friendly, press reported on a grumbling workforce. Should anyone understand that. Because, currently, the production is stopped and there is no reliable news for a new start. Some information speaks of a start of production after the Swedish “Midsommar”, but nothing more is known. How the acute problems will be solved by then is the interesting question of the next week.

Maybe soon help will come from politics. Because our Swedish favorite politician, Maud Olofsson resigned yesterday as party leader. In our Saab specific case, a rather good development.

Help from Stockholm for Saab?

Maud Olofsson
Maud Olofsson

Maud Olofsson was and is a politician who did not do much for Saab. It is considered weak in Sweden. Whether Olofsson remains Minister of Industry or not is still uncertain depends on the new party leader. If Olofsson had disappeared from the political scene, we would not weep her tears, there would be hope again.

On Thursday at the Gothenburg Motor Show, voices were loudly demanding support for Saab. Because, on the one hand, the Swedish government welcomes the initiative of Saab and Volvo for electromobility, on the other hand, both companies learn no funding for it. Speakers thinking about Sweden's future would welcome an intense Saab promotion.

Although Saab is a small manufacturer, but innovative and the electromobility is just about ready for series production, the E-Saab fleet runningt, a small batch production as well.

Regardless of how, funding like in other European countries would be welcome, because it is getting really tight for dealers. The sales partners still sell new Saab, sometimes under the most difficult circumstances, and without the support of the manufacturer. But for 10 weeks no new Saab have rolled off the production line, apart from the modest 700 pieces produced.

The Saab dealer

Typical of the current situation is that some dealers now pull the emergency brake in the acute situation. Tynan's Saab in Colorado is a dealer of the Nissan, Kia and also sold in its own Saab building. In October 2010 was celebrated big reopening of the Saab representation, with confidence in the restart and the owner Spyker.

Sean Tynan, Tynan's Saab
Sean Tynan, Tynan's Saab

Sean Tynan thought Saab would be saved, was highly motivated, invested, ordered new Saab 9-5 and celebrated with customers. After the ups and downs of production are now the nerves bare. The ripcord is now pulled.

In Fort Collins will start from 01.07. only service, but no warranty and no sale offered.

Much like the Saab dealer in Colorado, there will be many colleagues around the globe. Most of our dealers are family businesses that hold up the Saab flag with great commitment. Because of the manufacturer's crisis, entire existences are at stake.

For many, it is about the economic survival. One observes what is going on in Trollhättan and hopes the very best. If you want to keep your dealer in the near future, you should give his Saab there for service in this situation. Because the workshop utilization decides with about the further existence of the enterprises.

We are all in the same (Saab) boat, so please support your dealers. Have a good weekend !