Saab News Trollhättan: Production stop continues

The misery in Trollhättan continues. Saab extends the production stop until the 27. Calendar week, reports the TV station TV4 Väst.

At the earliest on the 4.07.2011 production should start again. We are currently in the 25. Calendar week and in the week 11 of the production stop that continues with small interruptions. Further information was not provided.

The extent to which an agreement has been reached with suppliers so far and whether the patience of the suppliers has become exhausted is the question. It is doubtful that suppliers will keep quiet for the next two weeks until a solution is found.

Source: TT


2 thoughts on "Saab News Trollhättan: Production stop continues"

  • Let's hope, thinking positively, that this is the time the suppliers need to be able to deliver on time again - anything else would be just terrible ...

  • Will that be something again?
    My hope is slowly disappearing. 🙁

    An even longer production stop does not necessarily contribute to the economic improvement.
    And nothing is really “safe” with the Chinese partners, right?
    In addition, the problem with suppliers, etc….

    Hopefully, Saab will be berating the next few weeks again.

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