Initiative: Support our Saab Dealers!

Saab dealer support
Saab dealer support

In retrospect, the 80s and early 90s were the “golden” Saab era. The turbo technology established the unique position of the brand, the Saab 9000 was young and revolutionary, the customers were ready to invest more than 70.000 DM for a 4-cylinder turbo from Sweden. At that time, Saab sold quantities in Germany from which we are as far away today as the earth is from Mars.

Times change, without question, and that's good too. On the other hand, Saab dealer operations in Germany are not doing well. Ever fewer new Saab sold is less and less Saab customers in the workshops. Surviving was difficult in the last few years of GM's time, and with the re-launch of Saab, many farms in the country have seen a new future for themselves and Saab.

The permanent on-off production in Trollhättan doesn't make the situation any easier. Cars that have been ordered cannot be delivered. Saab, itself busy with survival, informs the dealers little or no. We know from Saab dealers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria that is often the most up-to-date and only source of information.

It is the dealers who are the true victims of the precarious situation in Sweden.

Let's ask ourselves, what is worth to us as a Saab driver a functioning Saab infrastructure. We all want a Saab dealer in our city, in our district, or at least within reach. What is the point of having the best Saab in the world run in Trollhättan in the future, but there is no Saab partner around to carry out our order or take over the warranty.

The German dealer network has suffered a clear-cut in recent years. It's time we told the Saab partners that we needed and appreciated them. Each of us can and should make our contribution to the Saab structure in Germany in the current situation.

Because, in the worst case scenario, it can take a long time before the production in Sweden runs again in the desired capacity. Saab has to wait for decisions to be made in Beijing, Stockholm, Luxembourg and Detroit.

What we can do for our dealers in the next few weeks. Let us first forget the slogan “Avarice is cool”, we like to pay a few euros more, we support the businesses on the doorstep. Because we are investing in the future if we want to drive cars from Trollhättan for a few more years.

Our suggestion list, more ideas are welcome.

Inspection at the Saab Partner instead of at the workshop chain with the three letters.

Let's treat our Saab "Original Saab" accessories, such as new rims. Of course, we buy the tires from the Saab dealer, not from the internet discount.

We do not buy Saab spare parts at 3,2,1…. but with the Saab partner in our city.

If we are looking for a used Saab, we will stop by the Saab center first.

We send friends with older Saab to the Saab dealer, where the oil change should be made.

One thing is clear. It's not free for free. All this costs us a little more than if we go the cheap way. But we are strengthening our brand and the Saab infrastructure. If everyone joins in, then it helps the Saab companies in hard times. In principle, we help ourselves, because we support the Saab service partner, who will then stay with us in the coming years.

Saab drivers around the world showed solidarity when GM wanted to handle the brand. Saab dealers in Germany have also mobilized and thus prevented Saab from closing. Saab drivers in Germany should now, because here our dealers find it particularly difficult to show solidarity with the Saab partners. Otherwise, some will catch up with the Saab flag in the next week and months - forever.

Support your local Saab dealer!


One thought on " Initiative: Support our Saab Dealers!"

  • Hi Tom,

    You are certainly right with your call. I have been driving a Saab 9-5 for years and have met many Saab dealers and Saab workshops. From my own experience, I can at least write for the environment of Hamburg, that only very few Saab workshops are worth.

    I really regret this! But apparently one of the mistakes of Saab was not really to worry about a certain basic solidity of the workshop partners. Many Saab workshops not only leave the impression of a backyard workshop. Completely diffuse price structure up to extreme. Partly sloppy work.

    Well, I'm not driving a new 9-5 but I could drive one. But with the experience, I find that hard to be honest.

    All known Saab dealers either have always had a second foothold, or only for a few months. And since the dealership is unfortunately very much dependent on sales and earnings, they will know how to set up accordingly. Those who do not succeed are lost.

    Please do not understand this comment as a criticism, but as a cry for help. Help what's up with the Saab workshops.

    The saying: “What do I care about my chatter from yesterday?” Will certainly also apply to workshops and dealers who have lost their home port. The dealer is also not responsible for guarantees and the like. step in for Saab.

    But also because of exactly the circumstances described above, I'm a Saab driver, a motorist with heart and soul. I drive no machine alá three letters or decorated with asterisks or rings. I (we) drive a car - a work of art of engineering with expertise.


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