Saab News: DHL based Trollhättan, employees back

Update: 14: 26

The DHL base in Trollhättan delivers directly to the band, there are predominantly rims with tires that are delivered complete just-in-time to the tapes.

After the continued production stop, the base had terminated all 22 employees.

Now, through the employment agency as a temporary worker, the 22 employees are back at their old workplace.

DHL, as a logistician closely connected to Saab, is preparing for a possible lightning start of production, literally “ryckiga produktion”. The employees are naturally not happy to end up as temporary workers in the same employment relationship that they were a few weeks ago as permanent employees. But, as you read on the IF Metal website, most people still see it as a better solution than unemployment.

The return of the employees at DHL is currently the only small light on a previously bleak “Saab day”.

For other companies, the Saab crisis means the economic “end”. In Gothenburg today i3tex, a technical consultancy, applied for a reconstruction. Reconstruction is an orderly phase of reconstruction under the protection and direction of the court. i3tex is a relatively young and healthy company, as company boss Ulf Aiff announced. The company employs 250 people in Gothenburg, Södertälje, Nörrköping, Trollhättan and Malmö.

Saab owes the company just over 10 million kroner. The deadline to wait until September was too long for i3tex.


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  • The return of the staff at DHL can really hope !!!

    And i3tex can only say that the company needs to have other problems besides Saab.

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