Saab News: Svenake Berglie - accept offer

Svenake Berglie, head of the Association of Swedish Suppliers Association FKG, believes suppliers should accept the solution offered by Saab.

Saab had yesterday offered the supplier a payment of 10% of the receivables, with the remainder due to be delivered to suppliers with a return of 6% in September.

Berglie literally means "you can buy an empty lottery ticket or one with the chance to win". Anyone, he said, with a clear head, would accept the offer. So much for Berglie today for the Wall Street Journal.

Already comparing Berglie with the “lottery ticket” brings the current misery to the point.

The clock is ticking for Saab and especially for Victor Muller, because a decision is already being made today from the suppliers. The small, national suppliers could probably agree. The foreign suppliers will probably not do this because they have already brought "short-term production" to a standstill.

The question is what happens if the suppliers reject the plan. Then there is a takeover, an orderly restructuring or worse scenarios. We will see.


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