Saab News Sweden: Victor Muller and the suppliers

Victor Muller
Victor Muller

The Swedish press today has one topic: Victor Muller and his payment proposals. In order to start the production, Victor Muller has made a payment proposal to the supplier. Saab pays 10% of accrued supplier invoices estimated at 500 to 600 millions of Swedish kroner.

The remainder of the debt Saab pays in September, there is so Muller, then enough money available. In the meantime you pay the liabilities with 6%.

For current deliveries Muller would accept cash payment until September, so that again not a debt mountain arises. Hmm ...

The echo in Sweden is not exactly positive for this proposal. The comments range from "we only have to pay 10% for a new Saab"Or"why not just pay 10% of wages" to "the misery continues"

A binding response from suppliers is requested by Saab to this day.

No, the suggestion is not good in my opinion either. Also and especially as a Saab fan. Maybe I'm too conservative too. Liabilities should be settled and one should deal fairly with its suppliers. The quota is too low, which supplier should find it good. Now why this suggestion, the situation has not changed in the last 2-3 weeks, in which one has stopped the suppliers.

The management finally ruins the reputation of the company with such untrue ideas. Does a Saab employee with a money case stand at the loading dock in the future and rush from LWK to truck? It reminds me of a Kaspertheater.

Too bad, because the products are more than great and the brand and the employees do not deserve this.

Do the suppliers agree? Everything is possible, but the bets are currently against.


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  • Good Morning.

    Not quite 100% here, but I have a question (or I have been interested in this topic for some time).

    Is Victor Muller actually a good / serious manager or rather a "WIndei"?
    Is there good, extensive and above all serious, neutral reports in German somewhere on the net?

    If so in div. Forums (here too) or magazines / news / etc. reads, then there are some strong supporters, but also many sharp critics.

    What I could find out about Wikipedia via Wikipedia (eng / deu) is just that he
    - Lawyer is (and has worked at Baker & McKenzie)
    - Manager at Offshore Company was
    - Manager at "ship company" was
    - was manager at a fashion company
    - Spyker co-founded
    - because even "design boss" was short
    - and well known as "Saab boss" is
    I read from time to time that his "Finance in the background" is the Antonov.

    Hmmm, that all sounds / seems to me "something different" (not almost dubious {er}) than other automotive managers.

    So are there any good reports about VM?

  • If one could examine his own (= Müllers) finances,

    Surely there would only be something positive to report

    a rogue who thinks something bad.

    : =)

  • 🙁
    Is there really nothing more about VM information?
    A pity.

    @@ Gaston
    In the direction I thought too .... 😉
    From the lawyer, through "manager" among other things in clothing company and "chief designer" at Spyker to the "CEO" at Saab ... well ....

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