Saab News: No news is good news

Saab 9-3 Independence Day Cabriolets have landed
Saab 9-3 Independence Day Cabriolets have landed

In Trollhättan negotiations are ongoing with 800 suppliers. Only piecemeal comes something of it to the public. Nothing is still in dry towels. Still. Nevertheless, there was a lot around Saab today in Sweden and Germany.

Does Saab get fresh money?

The rumor mill reports that one of the new Chinese partners may provide fresh capital to give the final push to start production. It would be conceivable, because at Saab it is assumed that it could take until September until all contracts with the Chinese are firm. This is supported by the fact that Pang Da has already ordered and paid for cars. Should the lights go out in Sweden, that money would be gone.

The real estate sale

The Saab press office heard today that it would only hang on a few, few details. Let's wait.

Due payments

According to Dagens Industri, Saab has to pay 100 million Swedish kronor for employees, taxes and social security contributions. At least that's what the DI appreciates. The DI is known to be no Saab friend, so we expect the skeptical question "can they pay". But there are still miracles in Gothenburg. Today the DI writes “... so far the company has fulfilled its obligations to its employees and the state month after month. There is no indication that this will be any different this month ”. Oh, who DI a Saab friend? Not at all, because ...

What effect does it have when Saab disappears from the scene?

If the gates were closed at Saab, the DI writes today, that has no major impact in Sweden. Did we know it, the DI can only be negative.

If Saab closes, only 0,11% of Sweden's gross national product is affected. It looks worse for the city of Trollhättan. 12% of all employees are employed by Saab, in the Västragötland region it is 0,5%.

The suppliers do not all accept the payment schedule ... but negotiate.

It was clear that not all suppliers would like the idea of ​​Muller. If I were a supplier, I would not accept that in this form either. I would renegotiate. The good thing is, it's actually being negotiated. Not all bridges are broken off, both sides have the same interest.

This is also the case with Kongsberg Automotive in Mullsjö. The company tries to collect claims through the "Kronofogden" and is one of those who said a clear "no" to Muller's plan. But Kongsberg CEO Joachim Magnusson says "... we are in the middle of negotiations and are working hard to find a solution". That doesn't sound bad.

The long view of things

Peter Hallberg from the Saab dealer association has his own view of things. Maybe it depends on the perspective. In the long term Hallberg said today, the Saab prospects are good, it is the short-term problems threaten the Saab. The situation of Saab stands and falls with the sale of the real estate, so Hallberg.

Saab in Germany - the Independence Day Cabriolets are here.

But there are also good things. The cabriolets for Independence Day have landed in Germany and look absolutely good. How did pictures today and say: delicious!

The German price lists for Saab 9-3, 9-3x and 9-3 Cabriolet for the 2012 vintage are also at the dealer - or on the way there. We saw the first freshly printed copies today.