Saab News: Vladimir Antonov still wants to buy Saab shares.

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

Saab Immobilien in Trollhättan no longer wants to buy Vladimir Antonov. Too frustrated is the investment banker, who at 20.06 his 36. Birthday, by the EIB and the authorities.

But Saab shares that he still wants, which is a good sign in the current situation.

Antonov is an absolute carmaker and has not written off Saab. That's the good news number one. Antonov is also the man behind Victor Muller, who gives the money and in one way or another pulls the strings and at least sets the rough direction.

In any case, we should go out of it, who is very, very well informed about everything.

If somebody like Antonov tells Reuters today that he wants to invest 30 millions of Euros in Saab, then all is not without hope. Good news number two, then.

As far as the philosophical and speculative part of the evening. Back to the facts. Vladimir Antonov gave a brief statement today to Vilnius, where he also owns a financial institution, to Reuters journalists.

His entry plans with the carmaker from Sweden he sees through the entry of Youngman or Pang Da not touched. He is still seeking 30% stake in Saab and is ready to pay 30 million. Whether he buys existing shares or whether this share is achieved by issuing new shares is not the question. It depends on whether one wants to increase an equity or wants to buy stranger shares he said.

So far so good. However, Antonov's entry will only come after Saab has freed himself from the EIB loan. In the fall, then. With Chinese help. Short-term problems are not solved. This already prevents the bank from Luxembourg.