Saab Breaking News: Real estate sale goes on stage

Saab factory Trollhättan - shortly before sale?
Saab factory Trollhättan - shortly before sale?

Exclusively, the Swedish TTELA reports tonight that the sale of the Saab factory real estate is almost certain. There are only a few, few legal formalities so that the sale could be sealed at the beginning of next week.

The TTELA has always been a reliable source that has very good Saab contacts. The sale would cover the labor costs but would not solve any further problems. On the contrary.

Saab would have no more real estate, no wind tunnel, no research and development center, no test track, no production and no paint shop. The existence of the company would be more at risk in the medium and long term than at the present time, since almost all of the substance would be sold. With the 300 million Swedish crowns, no production start and no full payment of liabilities is possible.

For potential investors, Saab would lose considerable appeal. Whether the EIB releases the security has not yet been confirmed.


One thought on "Saab Breaking News: Real estate sale goes on stage"

  • You can only shake your head again if you read this excerpt from an article:
    Saab spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs also called the situation "regrettable and sad". She said on the radio: "It was only very late yesterday that we realized that we no longer have the means for wages and salaries." Regarding a possibly imminent bankruptcy petition, she said: "We are not that far yet." One continues to fight for a short-term solution.
    So the SAAB management has incidentally noticed that you can no longer pay wages? That's what I call competent and forward-looking crisis management. The fact that VM is on the way again to collect money makes the situation somehow not better. Unless he comes back with good news from the US and announces that Apple would buy SAAB. With the fan base of both brands, the future of the brand would look positive again!

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