Saab Crisis: The Saab creditors, Trollhättan and Leif Pagrotsky

Leif Pagrotsky
Leif Pagrotsky

A terrible Saab day comes to an end. There was nothing from Sweden, which could give us hope. Nothing ? Really nothing ?

But, a small, symbolic glimmer of hope on this gloomy day, more of a symbolic kind, came from Gothenburg. The name: Leif Pagrotsky. The counterpart to Maud Olofsson, so to speak. More on that later.

What's next in Trollhättan?

The unions

Right now it is the unions that mobilize, and rightly, to protect the interests of their members. IF Metal with 1.400 members at Saab is preparing to file for bankruptcy. The money for the employees should be up to 24: 00 clock on the accounts today, but it will not. After a 7 day deadline, it will be serious for the Saab management, then only the passage to the court comes into question.

IF Metal is currently organizing loans for members at Swedbank, which Saab employees could use from Monday.

The Saab employees, who are being organized by the union union and threatening to pay their salaries by Monday at the latest, are similarly threatened. There, too, one will make a strong commitment to the members after the deadline and prepare a corresponding application. The Union also has the 1.400 staff at Saab.

So far, the Swedish state is not involved as a creditor. Last week, Saab paid 24 millions of Swedish kronor to the Gothenburg tax office punctually.

The suppliers

The suppliers are now claiming their claims from Kronofogden, just in the last few days 16 companies have additionally asserted claims, thus increasing the number of creditors to 65. The Kronofogden verifies the legality of the claim, then requests the debtor to pay and executes in non-payment in the debtor's assets. The number is expected to increase on Monday, after Midsommar when the minds are a bit clearer.

The Saab dealer

We have not mentioned another group of creditors so far. There are Saab dealers around the globe. In Germany alone, 6 figures have not been paid to traders. 32 German dealers have claims in the amount of 200.000 €, as Saab Germany boss Schuhmacher has confirmed against the car operation online. For the dealers, this day is a black day, as well as for all Saab fans worldwide.

The inhabitants of Trollhättan

Hardly anyone believes in a good outcome of the crisis. The hope sinks every hour. In Trollhättan, Saab City, the local newspaper has launched a survey asking if we are currently seeing the end of Saab.

The end of Saab? Vote in Trollhättan
The end of Saab? Vote in Trollhättan

The answer is clear, in the previous crises the optimists in Trollhättan were at home.

Nothing good today? Yes, there is a man of the day for us.

Leif Pagrotsky

Do not you know ? Mr Pagrotsky is a member of the Reichstag for the Swedish Social Democrats. His constituency is, ironically, Gothenburg. So far, the MP has driven a Volvo V70. Now he has bought a new, black Saab 9-3. Why Saab, is Leif Pagrotsky a car freak? “No,” he said, “the Saab is a little smaller than my Volvo, is an economical diesel and looks good. If we are worried about Saab we have to do something and buy a Saab so it doesn't get worse ”.

Do something instead of big words. Ms. Olofsson should take this as an example. And let's take the man from Gothenburg as a role model. The situation is serious. Bitter Ernst. But Saab is not lost yet.


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  • But who reads the local newspaper, if not the people in Trollhättan? Sad day today

  • The vote is on the Internet, and everyone can vote, not only the people from Trollhättan.

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