Saab crisis: Chinese or VW - who gets into Saab

Is it pure speculation, out of thin air, the fixed idea of ​​the editor of a regional newspaper who - tired yesterday at 22 p.m. - published an article? The short article comes from Osnabrück, the location of Karmann. Karmann, a traditional car manufacturer of bygone times, was saved from "collapse" by the Wolfsburgers only a short time ago. Fascinating cars as the Karmann Ghia designed in Osnabrück and built.

Is Saab the next brand of Wolfsburg? The new Osnabrücker Zeitung, OZ, writes a short article about our favorite Swedes. The last sentence, however, has it all.

New OZ: Comment on Sweden

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Osnabrück (ots) - The danger lurks in Asia

Now it gets really serious. The current crisis at Saab is about much more than the wages of one of Europe's smallest automakers. In Sweden, the battle for the European car market could begin. With sales of General Motors in the US and Volkswagen in Europe seemingly reaching the limits of growth, all major automakers are looking to Asia. Not only are new sales records being reported there. In Asia, new auto giants are also emerging, which could become a serious threat to Volkswagen.

Previously almost completely unknown automakers such as Zheijang Youngman Lotus have in recent years of the economic boom in China almost unnoticed to financially strong corporations developed that want to finally secure a piece of the high-revenue European car market. This knowledge should have driven Volkswagen to think during the constant Gezerres at Opel about a participation in the Russelsheimern. VW obviously feared the entry of the Chinese.

The crisis in the sleazy Sweden opens up a new opportunity for Asians to gain a foothold in Europe and become a threat to Volkswagen. This can only prevent VW, if the Wolfsburg Saab help with their own money, surprisingly, that would not happen.

Speculation? Wishful thinking? Is the editor about to drive Saab? Or do you have information in Osnabrück which we do not know? Who likes can call in the OZ Radaktion: Phone: 0541 / 310 207.


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    Maybe not so bad. But what role does Saab get at VW? And would the parent plant stay here in Sweden? Hard to say.

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    What do the logs from say about this?

    Has recently been noticed increased interest of IP addresses of a car manufacturer from about Wolfsburg?

    Actually thought more of Munich ...

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      Harry, you have 100 points. Munich.

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        What such a little finger is all good for ... 😉

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    I had been thinking about this secretly for a long time - there was already the SAB-Scania constellation. And it's not far from Scania to MAN to VW.
    Since the Phaeton with the VW emblem flops without limits at VW, there would be the possibility of gaining a foothold in the premium segment via an appropriate brand - let's wait and see!

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    Now, we're talking 😉 Let's be honest for such a group, the few million euros are a piece of cake and from my (very probably not only from my) point of view a great deal. And VW could change “Das boring” to “Das interesting” 😉 at least a brand with spirit alongside Porsche. They should simply not degenerate Saab into a sub-Audi like Skoda and Seat but otherwise I could live with it and the suppliers would love to deliver again tomorrow that would be for sure.

    But let's see what the future holds, the fat lady can wait a while in the locker room, her appearance is far from coming

    Griffin up!

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