Saab crisis: The good Saab message of today

Bad news we had the last 36 hours enough. Since yesterday morning, we strained to China and keep our eyes and ears open. What do Pang Da and the Youngman Automobil Group say about the current situation in Trollhättan?

Good news now came from the People's Republic via Bloomberg. In a phone interview with Bloomberg earlier today, Wang Yin, executive secretary at Pang Da, said his company was definitely sticking with Saab. He literally said "Saab has temporary financial problems but no fundamental problems".

That's right. When it comes to product development and planning, Saab is on the safe side. If we were four or five years on, and Saab had weathered the crisis well, we would have a great range of products. Back to the present.

The Chinese are fundamentally important for the medium and long term future. More important than Muller and Antonov. Because only the financial possibilities that China offers can stabilize Saab and establish it as a manufacturer of innovative automobiles. If Youngman or Pang Da jumps off in the current situation, for whatever reason, then Saab will have shift in the shaft.

Really good news, measured by the current situation.

Saab is not lost yet. Griffin Up!


Addendum: Victor Muller is in the US and met yesterday with investor Mark Bishop, the man who wanted to buy with Koenigsegg Saab. What we forgot: Muller also had a meeting with GM. Saab denies this, or gives no position. Independent and credible sources confirmed this meeting.