Saab News: Saab real estate affair update

Saab factory Trollhättan - shortly before sale?
Saab factory Trollhättan - shortly before sale?

“Starköl” flows freely to Midsommar, but information is scarce. Usually well-informed and Saab-related circles said that the property sale was almost complete. The local TTELA had already reported on this yesterday. The money from the sale is said to be in the company's accounts early next week.

Wages could be paid for, the acute danger of bankruptcy would be averted. Won would be short time, so that our hope is well used. In the long term, however, according to the blogger, the sustainability of Saab more than ever in danger. As for the schedule, we are skeptical, because it is still unclear whether the EIB has already released the collateral.


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  • blank

    So if my Google translates correctly, DHL Trollhättan (mount the tires on the rims just in time) plans to (re) employ their 22 employees ... They know about more than we do?

    • blank

      Your Google translated correctly. The employees come back as temporary workers DHL, Regrettably, that was before Saab said he could not pay wages.

      By the way, photo of the Saab 9-5 in Oak is in your mail today or tomorrow 😉

      Greetings, Tom

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