Saab Crisis: What we could expect this (Saab) Week

Saab City Trollhättan, the crisis is here.
Saab City Trollhättan, the crisis is here.

The last week was quite dramatic for us Saab fans, the new could be even more dramatic. At least the new week will be interesting, this is the stuff of legends later. What is coming our way, we have put together the most important facts and the schedule. Before we go into detail, the chances that Saab will survive the acute crisis are higher than Saab disappears. Because the interest in the Swedish carmaker is high on many sides.

Wages for members of the union union.

On Monday, wages are due for Saab employees organized in the union union. As with the wages for the members of IF Metal, there will be no money for the Union employees either. The Union will then give Saab a 7 day deadline and then head to the court in Vänersborg.

IF Metal union

IF Metal has already set Saab this deadline, which will expire on Thursday at midnight. We do not know the letter from the union, Thursday midnight is the date which would correspond to collective agreements and deadlines. Presumably on Friday, IF Metal will then file for bankruptcy for Saab to protect its members. With the opening of the procedure, the state wage guarantee for the employees takes effect, comparable to the German "insolvency money".

Hemfosa real estate business

The contracts between Saab and Hemfosa stand. But not more. To date, the EIB has not released the real estate. In the current situation, it is difficult to imagine that the EIB will approve swiftly. In order to prevent the opening of the insolvency proceedings, the salaries had to be paid, the real estate deal settled and the money flowed into the accounts.

The white rabbit

Is a white rabbit coming out of Victor Muller's hat? Hmm, everything is possible, the Muller is always good for a surprise. However, it must be a very big rabbit, because it is currently burning in every corner. It is not just salaries and suppliers, but the stately EIB interest rates are due at the end of the quarter.

Remember what? EIB interest due, estimated something above 5.0 million euros per quarter and simultaneous release of collateral?

Maybe one of the Chinese jumps in as a savior, maybe money comes from various US sources. But that would be the speculative part.


Saab could start a process next week that will result in a "restructuring". For Saab, in our opinion, this is probably the best of all options, because restructuring offers more opportunities than risks.

In short, the company - under the protection of the court - would have the opportunity to find a new and solid owner within a reasonable period of time.

Saab dealer support
Saab dealer support

The Saab dealer

Our heartfelt concerns over and over again are our Saab dealers. The trade union and the community are taking care of Saab employees in Trollhättan. Saab dealers have no parachute and no double-bottomed net. you need our support.

If each of us now supports his dealer with an inspection or an oil change, then we will create workshop sales in the millions and help our dealers through the difficult times.

Because - we are not alone - we are many. had almost 50.000 visitors last month. Where the number of visitors is not very meaningful. One looks past three times a day, the other only once a week. Much more meaningful is the number of IP addresses, so the computer visit our blog. There is usually at least one user behind each IP address, often even several in company networks.

Last month we were able to find out about the 7.000 IP addresses, this month we already have 10.000. At least 10.000 people with an interest in Saab, who probably also drive Saab. Not bad, in my opinion more than amazing, for a brand that hardly sells cars in Germany.

If each of us in our workshop spends 250,00 to 300,00 €, we generate revenue from 2,5 to 3.0 million €. A service turnover for our Saab dealer who helps over the hard times.

Sure, maybe not everyone currently has 300,00 € left, it's holiday time and family holidays are expensive. Who can, he should do it. If we invest in our dealers, we also secure the future of our brand.

Thank you for the praise !

In the last few days we have received a lot of approval for our work via email and comments on the blog. For that, a big thank you to all Saab friends. It seems that we are doing a lot of things right, even if we didn't quite imagine it with the blog. Actually, we wanted to be a German platform and support for Saab after the "rebirth". Now let's talk about topics we don't like.

There will be better times for Saab. We believe in that. Because it is not over yet.