Saab News Trollhättan: It's getting lonely around Victor Muller

The chaos of the last days around our Swedish car maker continues. The management of Saab is already decimated since both a CFO and a CEO is missing. After the departure of Jan Ake Jonsson Victor Muller took over the post of CEO, so far no new one has been found.

Now Saab Chief Jurist Kristina Geers has also left, and that's the worst possible time. Geers? There was something. Exactly, Saab Press Officer Eric Geers is the man of Kristina Geers, a true Saab love story so to speak. We'll talk about that another time.

The departure of Ms. Geers is not only to be found in the current crisis, there are other reasons as well. The unions have now formally taken over Saab. Because Victor Muller is currently sitting alone at the table with two employee representatives. Annette Hellgren from Union and Hakan Scott from IF Metal would now have the majority of votes at Saab. Probably Robert Schujit, director at Saab mother “Swedish Automobile”, will move up to the board at the appropriate time.

No good news and a very bad timing.


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    But she stays in the company or did I misunderstand that?

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      Yes, it stays. She just leaves the board. And as I said, there are also reasons that have nothing to do with the crisis.

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        Ok, thanks for the confirmation.

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