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Saab News Bayern
Saab News Bayern

Did you know? comes from Bavaria, more precisely from Lower Franconia. “Real Bavarians”, that is, those from Upper Bavaria and elsewhere, will groan loudly and say - that's not Bavaria, but what the heck. The car manufacturer from Munich and the ADAC also come from Bavaria, and that's what it's all about.

Let's start with the less pleasant one, the ADAC. Today he enlightened his members. Whoever wants, says the ADAC, can now begin the "orderly retreat". ADAC lawyer Frank Bethäuser told the news magazine “Focus” that in the case of non-binding delivery dates, the buyer should ask his dealer to deliver six weeks after the date and allow a 14-day period. After that, so prayer houses said, the customer could withdraw from the purchase.

The topic Cancellation and delivery delay has been addressed here, still get like mails. If you can afford it, you should wait and drive your old car for a while.

Spare parts, said prayer houses, will probably only be in short supply for a short while. Literally "if someone takes over the work, there will be parts again after a short period of time". Aha.

That brings us to the other Munich news source. BMW, esteemed engine builder, and maybe - we hope it will continue to be a Saab partner. A BMW spokesman told the “Focus” that the Munich-based carmaker is expecting the contract to be fulfilled. “We assume that the contract will be fulfilled”. From 2012 Saab is to receive engines on Bavaria. The contract runs for 200.000 engines.

The Munich are eager readers on our blog. It can be assumed that BMW closely monitors and analyzes the situation. I like the BMW statement.