Saab News: Muller on his way to Saab

Victor Muller
Victor Muller

Victor Muller, still in the USA or elsewhere at the weekend, is on his way to Saab where a meeting is taking place today.

In contrast to earlier times, Muller is not particularly knowledgeable about the press.

The station P4 Väst, who reached Muller by phone, he answered no questions and he will continue to give no interviews, but communicate through press releases.

Presumably, there is still a statement from Saab today during the day.

The unions are holding their press conference in Trollhättan today at 15: 00. Let's see what's coming.

ANA, the Saab dealer in Trollhättan, is laying off 75 employees. It's sad, I still remember my last visit to ANA and at that time I was happy about the highly motivated employees in Trollhättan. ANA stands on several "legs" but the Saab crisis hit the company hard.

The CEO, Joachim Lind, said "we have waited a long time to get clarity about the financial situation of the Saab factory, but it has dragged on for too long". ANA is laying off 40 employees and 30 workers. It's a tragedy.