Saab News Trollhättan: Eric Geers on salary payments

Trollhättan: Production stop at Saab continues.
Trollhättan: Production stop at Saab continues.

120 millions of crowns for new Saab from a Chinese source that wants to remain anonymous. Saab press officer Eric Geers assured Dagens Industri this morning to pay the wages as quickly as possible. Whether this happens this week, but he can not guarantee.

Geers expressly refused to name the client, seeing the order as proof that Victor Muller is working very hard on a solution. Gunilla Gustavs, also from the Saab press office, said the wages are paid until the end of the month, ie on Thursday.

She also did not want to give the name behind the order. The next step is now the sale of the real estate to then start the production. At least a little further you have come today with the 120 million crowns, the interest on the EIB could be paid with it. This makes the release of collateral a little more likely.

An obscure thing that is currently running in Trollhättan. Both the new composition of the Management Board, which has been dissolved, and the short and medium-term financing are unclear. The acute risk of bankruptcy has not yet banned. The fear in Trollhättan continues.