The Spirit of Saab: Saab driver Mark

Saab 9 5 SportCombi, Oak Brown
Saab 9 5 SportCombi, Oak Brown

What sets the Saab brand apart from other car brands? It's the people driving the Saab. We do not want to thresh marketing phrases right now, we just say that Mark impressed us a lot today.

Yesterday Mark made his planned new purchase true and ordered a new Saab 9-5 sports suit at the Mobilforum Dresden. The equipment is great, ventilated seats, panoramic roof, Head Up Display, because I could also be weak.

First of all, Mark supports his dealer, secondly the brand and thirdly, it is a strong sign that the Saab drivers believe in the brand.

Mark, that's the message we brought today. Thank you !

Order Saab 9-5, 27.06.11
Order Saab 9-5, 27.06.11


11 thoughts on "The Spirit of Saab: Saab driver Mark"

  • Great decision Sebastian and I am 100% sure that you will not regret it. If it is delivered and I have no doubt, there will be enough spare parts for 10 years. Nonetheless, I find the saying of your friends funny in times like these, a little sarcasm helps ;-). But they'll sit jealous in your new car and secretly admire your decision. Because every time you get in you will remember the story and a smile will flit across your face, believe me. In this sense; Do the right thing 😉

  • wow, great configuration. I congratulate and wish exhilarating months. Every SAAB is something special. Every new car order is something special. But those who are ordering their brand-new SAAB these days know that they are probably ordering the car of their lives.

    In any case, I feel less lonely when I think about ordering a new 9-5 SC. With all the prophecies of doom in the circle of friends ("Where can you get spare parts from in a few years? You can't even steal them!") You feel a little crazy.

    What strengthens me in addition, are enthusiasm and commitment of my dealer. In these months, one has the feeling that customers and traders as a conspiratorial SAAB community form a kind of destiny community.

    Anyway, my seller wrote me three e-mails today: Yes, the 9-5 SportCombi will be available for the price of the sedan until the end of September. No, SAAB Germany says on demand, the 136PS diesel is not yet intended for the German market, but he would not sell it to me anyway. However, the 160PS diesel is already available, not until September.

    The price that was requested for my desired configuration (SAAB 9-5 SportCombi Vector TiD4 (160 PS) Man6, alloy wheels 18 "rotor, integrated fog lights, wood trim on dashboard, wood trim center console and doors, parking assistance, java metallic, comfort seats with Leather upholstery Sandbeige) is very convincing. But it is also clear: I do not buy a new SAAB because of the low price. I am only happy that I can buy myself a new SAAB that I would normally not be able to afford.

    Long story short, the best time to order a new SAAB is now! And that's not really crazy.

  • Actually, I wanted to buy a Porsche 968 convertible, then I had decided for the old 900 Turbo (which is almost exclusively private), now I resent, obs could also be a 9 3er, which helps at least the dealer ,

    Marc, great, Saab ever Saab

  • Hello HP;
    that is safe.
    LG Mark

  • Hello HP;

    no problem.

    LG Mark

  • Hi Mark,
    may others contact you via email? I just went to my dealer today and did the math ... everything a bit more economical but of course I would be very interested in the estate ...

    and the most important: congratulations in advance and may it be delivered soon!

  • Hello Mark,

    the name probably vouches for taste ...

    Congratulations to the decision and wish all the good and just as much daily joy in this dream car as with me.
    I've been running a 2010 9 II Aero XWD with 5 ps since december 300 and am thrilled every day to this day.
    problems until today zero.

  • Good choice Mark
    I already ordered the 9-5 Aero SC BioPower with a small Hirsch upgrade (260 PS) from Hirsch in April and am looking forward to it like a small child :-D. I've never driven the car (which is surprising) and ordered it, simply because just sitting in it felt great. In Switzerland there is still an additional CHF 5 bonus until the end of August, so go to the dealer and order, you can't get such a great car cheaper!

  • A beautiful car, this shape, this filigree, this grace, this size. I fall in love again and again .... * Languishes *

  • Hi Mac9-5;
    why courage? :O))
    Which other (worst case) alternative would there be? Audi ??? Meanwhile everybody drives. Projector?? Not my price league. Merc ?? Am I feeling too young 30 years. Otherwise there is hardly any combination in the size.

    About the seats: In my current 9-3SC, I already have a Recaro sports seat (even if only the driver's seat). Therefore a must have!

    For the conditions only so much: it always depends on how well you know the guys, and how many cars you have already bought (leased). If you have questions:

    LG Mark
    soon Mark9-5SC: o))

  • Wow ... very nice, very nice.
    Congratulations on the decision (and the “courage”) !!!
    Great decision!

    I would also never want to do without ventilated seats (then more “if necessary” heated seats) - simply a very pleasant thing and with not so many “medium-sized cars” it is easy to order !!!!

    Crap, that's exactly what I'm interested in. 😉
    I had already asked elsewhere what kind of “promotions” or discounts you can currently expect from Saab dealers.
    (because that is exactly what would possibly contribute to a "positive" decision-making with me in advance)

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