Saab News: Saab Switzerland is fighting for every customer

We have a high proportion of Swiss readers. Some say that they blindly ordered a new Saab 9-4x or a Saab 9-5 SportCombi, so to speak. In the current situation, we communicate very strongly with Saab fans almost everywhere in Europe, and so far we have not announced a single cancellation of an order. Well.

We also believe, given the dramatic development of the last few days, that the one who can afford it should keep his order. First, because the cars are just fine. Second, because every job strengthens the brand.

The “Neue Züricher Zeitung” reports on cancellations in Switzerland and the difficult situation there. But the Saab representative there is confident that the problems in Trollhättan will be solved. "An agreement will be communicated soon, this is only a matter of form".

We like to hear that. Here is the article from the NZZ:

«Trust is definitely gone»

How Saab garages fight for orders for new cars in Switzerland

Saab is not the best for it. This is also felt by the dealers in Switzerland. Many customers cancel their orders. Confidence in brand survival is dwindling. But at Saab Switzerland, they are confident.

By Andrea Hohendahl

It's bad news coming from Trollhättan in Sweden these days. Saab's production lines are shut down for the second time in 16 months.

In addition, the Swedish automaker, which has been in the hands of Dutchman Spyker Cars since January 2008's separation from General Motors 2010, was only able to pay its employees' salaries thanks to the sale of its production facilities.

Striving for optimism

The owner of Saab, Victor Muller, strives for optimism. It would be in contact with potential donors from China and Russia, it would soon flow into capital. Meanwhile, there is skepticism among the local garages about the survival of the brand.

"This is the second production stop within a very short time. Our customers jump off, they cancel their orders. The trust is definitely gone. "This says the manager of a Saab dealer in the Zurich region. For obvious reasons he does not want to be named.

Only "formality"

"There is great uncertainty among customers," says Daniel Bläsi from Saab Switzerland in Glattbrugg. Bläsi refers to the ongoing negotiations with the Chinese and Russian partners. The agreement will be communicated soon, it will only be a “matter of form”.

But looking at the sales books does not bode well. The named dealer can just 30 assign orders, of which only 10 new cars are sold. The remaining 20 vehicles wander into the exhibition halls. For the car dealer is clear: «There is nothing more. If a company can no longer pay wages, the business is over. "

Not quite as dramatic

It sounds a little less dramatic from the service front. The vehicles registered on Swiss roads must be maintained. "The service with Saab vehicles is going well, and the distribution network is intact," says Kurt Giger, Managing Director of Ernst Ruckstuhl AG in Winterthur. However, the traditional brand from Sweden had just barely sold 630 new vehicles last year.

Source: NZZ


One thought on "Saab News: Saab Switzerland is fighting for every customer"

  • After the long and intense “period of suffering”, especially for SAAB employees but also for dealers and Saab customers, there is once again some hope for better times.
    By the way, I've been driving SAAB for over 30 years, with short Alfa and Honda breaks. SAAB is really a special and very good car.

    It is to be hoped that this will still be possible in the future, given the very low production figures. We hope so.

    Thanks for the informative coverage.

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