Saab News: and the Saab fans

Saab 9-5 SportCombi, wait for the fans
Saab 9-5 SportCombi, wait for the fans

Update: 14: 06

Saab currently lives in two parallel worlds. There is the world of Saab fans. Last night my mailbox was full of 120 mail from German Saab fans. More than 120 Saab emails, within hours, extremely.

Some mails are just a few lines long, others very detailed. Saab drivers talk about their Saab life, others want to know how to proceed, others want it to continue.

Germany - a Saab desert? Not at all. The brand would have potential if it were only used properly.

Two messages ran through the emails, "almost" all of which were very positive for Saab.

Saab - now more than ever!

We are now buying a new Saab, we are going to the dealer this week, we have been driving Saab for 10 years and we are satisfied. What else should we drive, we can only consider a Saab. Almost all Saab drivers - and also former Saab drivers - want to drive a new or used Saab.

Some want to order a new car, the others are looking for a demonstration car or an annual car.

The 9-5 SportCombi is a hit

That's message number 2. The demand for the new 9-5 SportCombi is enormous. He is the Car the fans have been waiting for. Germany = combined country. Many see the 9-5 as an alternative to the brand from Ingolstadt, which was called very often. The 9-5 SportCombi is the car with which Saab Germany could finally celebrate successes again. Class.

Guys, I can not answer all the mails. I have a job that is demanding, to a family. The blog runs as the nicest trivial thing besides. I'm happy about every email and every suggestion, I also read every mail, that's promised.

Back to Sweden, back to the economic reality. In principle, the calm prevails before the storm, because it is too quiet except for a few events.

- Antonov got a little closer to his entry. But still depends on the EIB. She is silent. Antonov also wrote a personal letter to Maud Olofsson. Thank you Emely for the link!

- The Kronofogden gets more and more Saab cases. There are now 75 applications.

- There is currently no application for bankruptcy filing. It's good.

- Victor Muller gets into trouble with the accountants. This is in a number of things, but currently it's irrelevant.

- It is unclear whether IF Metal has already submitted the claims to Saab. Our Swedish friends don't know anything either. So there seems to be some delay.

One more thing from Trollhattan on the edge. Today, during a telephone conversation with a friend in Trollhättan, I asked about unemployment in the city. The unemployment rate is at the end of May, in booming Sweden, in the Trollhättan district at a dramatic 10%. For the city it is a question of survival. Saab has to live on!


5 thoughts on "Saab News: and the Saab fans"

  • ps: according to the latest information, the outstanding salaries for june will still be transferred today - if that's not good news!

  • as it seems, vm has done it again!
    currently, gemini's current commitment about 65 mio is available, which should be enough to start the production and settle the required creditors.

  • And every day the EIB greets ...

    "Germany - a Saab desert? Not at all. The brand would have potential if it were only used properly. "
    I agree. It would be a shame. There are / were finally countries that showed that it could work.

  • if you try to "ground" yourself at the moment and look at this from the point of view of common sense, it can only lead you to the conclusion that nothing is normal here anymore,

    here someone would like to invest millions and thereby save a company and thousands of jobs. exactly this "someone" has been blocked for months and it would be really interesting to know whether the swedish constitution says that the government has to work for the benefit of the people ...
    no matter who invests here, no matter how many million exactly - the fact is that this would probably clear up the current misery.

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