Saab News Sweden: The clock is ticking - per Saab

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

Something is happening in the north. For the first time in the week, things seem to be in favor of Saab. In Sweden, a colorful coalition has come together, rather involuntarily and by chance, to fight for Saab.

The "figurehead" of the Pro Saab faction is Vladimir Antonov. For the Russian from a renowned "Nuclear Dynasty", there is a lot involved. The acute risk of bankruptcy is averted, but Saab is not yet secure in the long term.

Therefore he increases the pressure on the government. With GM, he has agreed what the birds have already told on the weekend.

He frees General Motors from the non-voting preferred stock, at a substantial discount, and has the benevolence and political pressure of the Americans against the EIB on his side.

Whether wanted or not, the colorful faction that has come together because of the crisis and is currently acting pro Saab, increases the chances of Antonov. The left-wing spectrum, trade unions, political parties and local politicians are drumming for the carmaker from Trollhättan. In addition, there is a colorful mix of business associations, such as the supplier industry and some institutions. All of them are now putting pressure on Stockholm.

The government should show its colors. Support Antonov - or not. Maybe also support Saab. Because the phase of uncertainty, the constant exchange of good and bad news, must come to an end.

How about promoting electromobility? Germany promotes the auto industry with 1,5 billion € in this legislative period to develop environmentally friendly electric cars. Sweden is currently promoting this future technology with 0,00 crowns for Volvo and Saab.

Tomorrow Antonov will give a big press conference. Public pressure on Stockholm is huge. Because the government must now approve the real estate sale. If the money is flowing, a recording of the production is within reach. Another 30 million € from Antonov would further stabilize Saab. The time until the entry of Chinese investors would be secured.

The odds were never better for the Russian car rover resident in London. Because he has many allies now.


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  • Is the sale of Spyker activities to Antonov's CCP Global Holdings Ltd. actually also bound to an OK from the outside?

    This is not mentioned in the February press release. In April the sale was announced for “shortly”.

    That extra 15 million would certainly not bother. Unless the sale is necessarily linked to the repayment of specific debts for which these assets are “pledged” ... Such a reading of the February press release cannot be ruled out.

  • This is really promising news. It is impressive to see the dedication with which individuals try to save SAAB. I guess they don't primarily think about profit. Would there be similar enthusiasts among other car manufacturers?

    Thanks to you Saabblogger for the factual, calm pursuit of the situation!



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