Saab News Luxembourg: The EIB and Eva Srejber

Eesp. Srejber, responsible for Saab, left the EIB in Luxembourg. As one of eight deputy directors, she has been in the bank since 2007. And no, the departure was not surprising and not because of Saab, the contract with the bank had expired.

The successor of Mrs. Srejber, who comes from Sweden, is the former Minister of Finance from Austria Wilhelm Molterer.

What the departure means for Saab is unclear. Also what he means for Antonov. Actually, it can only get better.

The EIB has always rejected the Russian financier, a change of opinion is not yet in sight. Currently, several Antonov scenarios are being played through in Sweden. Presumably, the government, government debt and GM will position itself on the side of the Russians against the EIB.

Antonov's entry would be important to reliably secure liquidity until Chinese investors were approved. Since Antonov does not want to - and can - not be a majority shareholder, it is actually in the interest of the EIB to finally give the green light. In a way, Antonov secures Saab - and with it the EIB loans.