Saab News: Antonov and Muller “on the track” - even more money for Saab?

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

Update: 20: 46

Things are progressing in Sweden and the two big friends Muller and Antonov are accelerating. Finally. Today you might think that both of them are as if liberated. Victor Muller had a meeting with representatives from Pang Da and Youngman Automotive today.

In addition, and that is the sensation of the day for me, with a representative of the NDRC.

If a representative of the mighty NDRC travels to Stockholm, then that is a gesture whose importance is very high. It's also a sign of appreciation, for Muller, for Saab. It seems to be better for Saab in Beijing than expected.

The delegates of the National Development and Reform Commission also met with Swedish Minister of Economic Affairs Maud Olofsson.

It continues tonight. Another meeting of Muller, Antonov and the Chinese visitors of Youngman and Pang Da is planned in the office of a business lawyer in Stockholm. We currently do not know whether a member of the NDRC is present. It is about further financing for Saab in the amount of 2 billion crowns, that is about 210-220 million euros. Muller wants to secure this money for Saab.

My 2 cent on the following bet: If Muller receives the money from China, he replaces the EIB credit and Saab is free. Who bets with you?

Unconfirmed sources report a dinner of the Chinese (NDRC?) Delegation with Economy Minister Olofsson tonight.

Antonov was also out all day, meeting with union representatives and Chinese emissaries. The colorful faction of the “Pro Saab Movement” works as we hoped. The representative of IF Metal in Trollhättan, Hakan Scott, invited Minister of State Reinfeldt again (thanks Lars for the information). This time in writing. Reinfeldt has already canceled once, but maybe he will come this time.

The Reich debt administration and administration in Stockholm are still working on the review of Vladimir Antonov. The very clever uses the favor of the hour and builds a network of unions, politicians and associations. Today, a timely decision was made in the coming days.

Did I forgot something ? I hope not.

Saab is on the way now. Muller has learned his lessons from the disaster of the past few weeks. He only has one chance left. And he uses it. And - I think - at this breathtaking speed - he uses it very well.


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  • Saabsunited wrote it beautifully. The NDRC travels halfway around the world while Reinfeldt does not manage to move his BMM to Trollhättan. This government is quite unlike me.

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