Saab Sweden: Today even more Saab News?

Today is the day Vladimir Antonov will give a big press conference in Stockholm, Canceled, too busy. Thanks Lars. Are there any other interesting news coming up today?

It could be Victor Muller's in Sweden and Antonov in Stockholm. Emissaries of Chinese Saab partners Youngman Automobile and Pang Da are also in Sweden. Not in Trollhättan, but in Stockholm.

Maybe there is still good news for us today? Saab finally seems to be on the right path again.

My day is a bit stressful today - the schedule is full. New messages come anyway. I promise.


2 thoughts on "Saab Sweden: Today even more Saab News?"

  • as I see it, at least the stock price of swedish automobiles has already recovered strongly!

  • Antonov canceled the press conference. He has too much to do today, Lars Carlström has said to TTELA.

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