Saab News: Sweden at noon, no place in the niche?

It is relatively quiet today around Saab and that's a good thing. Because, my desk bends under the burden of things that have been left in the last few days. In Sweden, there are only the usual games around Saab, which would be worth mentioning. Well, and a little more.

The government, yes the government. It would be nice if Stockholm took a stand, but they do not. You wait for what the EIB says. How many times have we already written that. If GM and EIB decide positively, then it will be the government, so the sounds from Sweden's capital. Only, the decision of the EIB will need some time after Mrs Srejber leaves, the successor will only start today at the Luxembourg bank.

But I think that Saab has a “Plan B” in case the EIB falls into weeks of silence again.

The newspaper “Zeit”, which we highly value, has written an article about Saab and the electric car manufacturer “Think”. The Norwegian manufacturer is facing the final "end" after the production of electric cars was stopped some time ago. "No place in the niche“Says the time. For Saab you can see it as well and register a dwindling customer trust. Is it really disappearing? This week, amazingly, we saw the opposite. Perhaps the “Zeit” editors should call us, we will be happy to provide information.

In Sweden, new Maleur reigns for Saab employees. The company car drivers must now pay their fuel bill themselves. The fuel cards were blocked. Well, I think that will survive the Swedes.

Have a nice weekend, keep on Saabbing.


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