Saab News: Sweden in the morning

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Yesterday, a lot happened around Saab. The exact impact of yesterday will be felt little by little as the Swedish Government and the EIB take a stand.

Antonov is back in London, but there was not much to be learned about the confidential meetings with the Chinese delegations of Pang Da, Youngman and NDRC.

The registration numbers for the last month are here. Not worth mentioning, because if no tapes are running you can not deliver anything. Bil Sweden announces 221 new Saab for Sweden in June, while Volvo again presents strong figures with 5.258 new cars.

But the numbers are the snow of last winter, the past. More important is the start of the bands in the stablebacka, and that does not look bad. Although the Kronofogden continues to announce new claims, 80 companies have now filed a lawsuit against Saab, but these problems should also be solved with fresh liquidity.

Because, as the saying goes, the glass can be half full - or half empty. If we see it today in "half full" mode, we have the following picture. According to various estimates, Saab has liabilities of € 50 to 60 million. Claims of around € 9 million have been registered. So the great majority of suppliers are keeping still and have not written off the customer from Trollhättan.

The suppliers, like many Saab customers, are currently waiting. Whether Plastal in Simrishamn, Lear or DHL in Trollhättan or IAC Group in Färgelanda, they all hold up the quits and wait. The consensus opinion of all suppliers in the environment is the waiting for a long-term financing and thus for more security. Perhaps the longed-for message will come for the next few days.

At least it is not the customer. Eric Geers from Saab continues to announce new orders from all over the world.