Saab in Sweden: decision on Monday

The odds are rising that we will soon see cars racing again in Trollhättan. That's a good thing, I want to visit Trollhättan again at the latest after the plant holidays and then also visit the, running Saab factory.

Unconfirmed information from a reputable source says that the decision on the factory sales will fall on Monday. It concerns the approval of the government in Stockholm and the EIB.

The fate of Antonov should be decided next week, the national debt administration does not seem to have any objections to the investor's entry.

Vladimir Antonov gave an interview to the Russian Saab blog "", the colleagues from "Saabsunited" translated the text and made it understandable for us Western Europeans who cannot speak Russian.


3 thoughts on "Saab in Sweden: decision on Monday"

  • blank

    Is this the house where you work?
    very pretty!

    also for the revealing report!

    • blank

      Unfortunately not my house. The house is on the road from Gothenburg direction Trollhättan .. ;-)

      Greeting Tom

      • blank

        Hello Tom
        because I ordered a saab in march,
        and then the biggest problems occurred with saab
        I regularly read your comments
        (which contain a lot of insider information-
        you must have very good sources!) -
        and finally wish to read,
        the saab achieved economic stability and finally produced cars again!
        So I'm one of those who patiently but a little annoyed and annoyed
        wait for a new saab!



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