Saab News: Antonov wants to “free” Saab from the EIB.

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

The EIB loan for Saab is subject to many conditions and hampers the car maker from Trollhättan massively to any entrepreneurial freedom. Currently, the sale of property at the EIB is in Luxembourg for approval.

The entry of Russian investor Antonov has also been on the EIB desk for months and seems to fail because of it. Antonov started a “charm offensive” in Sweden last week, thereby positioning unions and various politicians and associations for himself.

Saab, or Antonov, is currently negotiating with several European banks to fully repay the loan from the EIB, thereby freeing Saab collateral. This was announced today by the news agency TT. It is about a sum of 2 billion crowns or about 220 million €. Trollhättan would be much more flexible without this loan, also with regard to investors from China.