Saab Trollhättan: The off-on-off production planning

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

The trolls take over Saab. Something like this could have been thought of at the Sunday breakfast by some Swedes today. Saab wants to start production with fresh liquidity and new confidence within two weeks.

The next production stop would then take place within a week, because - surprisingly - the shortened factory vacation would then be.

Swedish media reported this today: production in two weeks, one week production, two weeks holiday. That is not the whole truth. At Saab you are aware of the problem. Hakan Skött from IF Metal also sees it that way. If the company (Saab) makes an offer, one is ready to talk. The trolls have not yet taken Saab.


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  • They've probably had enough vacation now ... they're supposed to take the boxes onto the street ... man oh man ...

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    let's hope so ...

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    because I get my saab, if anything, probably only in late autumn!
    At some point you have enough

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      Carlsons, keep cool. The unions and Saab are already finding a good solution.

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    Sorry, but the last name of Håkan is Skött and not Scott.

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