Saab Breaking News: EIB approves real estate sale

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

The EIB in Luxembourg approves the sale of Saab Immobilien. Saab gets 255 million for the sale of shares in its properties from the Swedish real estate company Hemfosa.

Now, the Swedish National Debt Administration and Government have to approve the deal. This is considered (almost) sure. The decision is expected for today or Tuesday.

Now Saab is a good step further. Next week, the production should finally start. So the hope of Saab press officer Eric Geers. Sounds good in my ears. We are close.


4 thoughts on "Saab Breaking News: EIB approves real estate sale"

  • I still do not know what to think about the real estate business, but what a day for Saab.
    The film rights to this rollercoaster ride should sell Saab. It is hardly exciting. However, there are still a few meters to the finish.

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    Should I still get my 9-5 Aero 2.8? Ordered in February….
    Maybe we were a little too tough with V Muller to the court: even though he has announced some vague and left much unsaid. I think that some things did not come that way, as he imagined and took other things much longer than he thought. What is also clear to me is that he was not allowed to say much to nothing about the whole deal so as not to jeopardize the future of SAAB.
    In that sense, we should only evaluate afterwards, then, when everything is in a dry cloth, the processes. Until then

    SAAB go on!


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      hello jope,

      that's exactly how i think - he just couldn't make anything public in the last few days so as not to endanger the whole thing, he has also surely put a painful learning process behind him when his announcements were not received, which cost him a lot of credibility.
      therefore, it was a positive sign for me that it was very quiet from his direction the last few weeks.
      this man is sure to experience it in this form for the first time - for me he is and remains a genius, which makes mistakes, but can really fight for something and has done so.
      We have it easy with the daily assessment of things that we do not really know and only fragmentively hear from the different sources ..
      i can not imagine anyone else who makes the impossible possible out of such crises.

      only: he fits in no schema and his way of acting is also in any textbooks.
      what matters is the result and for that the prospects seem to be good at last!

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    What is nicer there is not!

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