Saab News: Saab in Sweden, what was left today.

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

The day was good for Saab, without question. The foundation on the Saab is now much stronger. The medium and long-term perspectives are good, as good as they have been for a long time. Still, to put it in Victor Muller's words, we're not in the safe haven yet.

A small black cloud covered the sun for a short time today. Jonas Fröberg, I have already quoted him several times, the author of "Kampen om Saab", is always very objective when it comes to the company in Trollhättan. Most of the time he is pro Saab when in doubt, his columns are always informative to read. Little is known about the NDRC Commission's meeting with government officials in Stockholm on Thursday. Fröberg writes today that he received "negative signals" after the meeting. Doesn't sound good at first.

But would - and this is a legitimate counter-question - representatives of Pang Da and Youngman sign contracts with Saab today if the goodwill from Beijing were not certain? Probably not.

Volvo, the other automaker from Sweden, is still looking for skilled engineers. Today they sent a message to the Saab employees again via the "Svenska Dagbladet". In the case of a Saab K ………. be very welcome in Gothenburg. Apparently the Saab employees are still very loyal and do not want to move to Gothenburg.

Victor Muller still seems to be busy collecting money. If I remember correctly, then Saab 13 has millions of € from a purchase last week, 25 millions of € from Gemini and now (maybe) gets again about 29 millions from the real estate deal. Are together = too little. Victor Muller would like to secure a good 300 million kroner from the partners in China as cash advance for production and liquidity.

The Swedish National Debt Administration is preparing a letter to the government, but has not yet done so today, spokesman Unni Jerndal said. Tomorrow, however, the letter goes with the recommendation to the administration, which then hopefully decides quickly per Saab.

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