Saab News: The future has begun today

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

For Saab today is an important day. Because, with the signing of the contracts, the Saab future has become a lot safer and clearer. And we like what we see. Do we have to praise Victor Muller for once? It seems so.

The contract signing brings Saab a huge boost in business stability. Because, if the final Chinese entry also requires the approval of various authorities, Pang Da and Youngman have made a clear statement for each Saab. Legally, the contracts are binding, the investors are responsible. A retreat is now not so easy and the Chinese would be expensive.

At the same time, the future of the Trollhättan location was secured, which makes me personally especially happy for the small town. No matter where Saab comes off the line in the future, Swedish engineers are responsible for development, design, testing and quality mixing.

The origins of Saab, the roots in Scandinavia, the past in the aircraft industry and the pioneering role as turbo developer and leader in vehicle safety, all will be found in the future models. In addition, many exciting features that are now being developed.

With the new Saab 9-1, which many fans are longing for, Saab will bring the number of units to the European markets that the Trollhättan location needs to fully utilize the plant. The new, large Saab, 9-6x and 9-7 are being developed primarily for the market in China, because they love large, prestigious cars there. Maybe the big Saab will roll off the assembly line in China, for the local market, as well as in Sweden.

Youngman takes over the financing of the development work, Saab contributes the know-how to it. A good business, everyone does what he can and where the strengths lie. Saab then no longer overpriced and inflexible EIB loans, can get rid of the bankruptcy of the Luxembourg Bank. The automaker can focus on what matters: Build good cars.

Everything and much seems possible now. New perspectives are opening up for Saab.

What is the catch ? We currently do not see any. While there are still uncertainties, such as the final approval by the NDRC. However, the visit of the NDRC Commission in Sweden has significantly reduced this risk. Also, the short-term financing is almost, but not yet secured to 100%, but the direction is right.

A restart of production is approaching. Suppliers see a financially stabilized carmaker whom they can trust. The employees have more security for the jobs.

And we will finally get car from Trollhättan again.


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