Saab calendar sheets and wallpapers for Saab fans

Saab calendar sheets
Saab calendar sheets

The supply of Saab calendar pages is currently being phased out. Apparently our Swedes in Trollhättan ran out of ideas after the calendar pages and wallpapers of the last few months did not please some readers.

I know some who absolutely want the monthly Saab calendar and are now a bit frustrated. But, half so tragic, because there is a second source for the fans.

Saab calendar sheets July 2011
Saab calendar sheets July 2011

"Saab Artist" Roy Chui designs great calendar sheets for the worldwide fan base every month. In his design studio in Hong Kong, wallpapers of the current and classic Saab models are designed and published for download on his "Saab Art" page.

We like the current designs so much that we have set up a permanent download link for our readers on to "Saab Art". Great job Roy! Thanks very much !

Special thanks also to (soon Saab driver) Stine, who made us aware of Roy. ;-). Stine, you are on the right track.


3 thoughts on "Saab calendar sheets and wallpapers for Saab fans"

  • Hi My Friends, Thanks so much for introducing my Saab artworks here, so, the direct links to my site are very much appreciated. Looking forward to communicating more with you guys in the future! Griffin up! Long Live Saab!


  • Hello Stine,

    No matter which Saab you will drive in the future, they are the best cars.

    Your car with the star you will have forgotten very quickly when you fly turbocharged on the A3. :-) Of course, you should keep your hands on the steering wheel and your Iphone in the bag.

    LG Leif

  • Hi saabblogger,
    after my beautiful, big car has disappeared with the star on the hood,
    I was really relieved to change to SAAB and with one
    beautiful APPLE MacBook AIR sweetened :-)))
    It is difficult to say goodbye to usual things 🙁
    But I'm really looking forward to the new SAAB time!
    Because ... what's it called? Move your mind!

    LG to all SAABISTEN!

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