Saab News: Production start at the earliest 8. August

Production break at Saab. Photo: Bengt Nilsson
Production break at Saab. Photo: Bengt Nilsson

Update: 11: 48

The properties are sold, but the Saab production startup is not what we had hoped for. No nice news we got from Sweden.

Production will start on August 8 at the earliest, a date that “Dagens Nyheter” confirms today. On the one hand, it is up to the suppliers, who also go on vacation. On the other hand, the accrued liabilities seem to be much higher than previously known. Informed circles report a “few billion” crowns. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

However, we know that Saab management is working on additional liquid funds from the new co-owners. Perhaps - finally - a viable solution will come.

Update: In the meantime, Saab has also confirmed our information. Eric Geers confirmed August 9th as the start of production. Saab now has over 11.000 “bespoke” cars to produce, he said. Thanks to our Swedish friends for the confidential preliminary information.

Hard for all who are waiting for their new Saab. Frustrating for us as well, we expected a start in July. But already in the course of the evening came negative signals, which were confirmed today.


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  • So I've also been waiting since April for our new 9-3 Griffin sports suit. It will be worth the wait because I am one hundred percent sure. Anyone who has driven a Saab can confidently console themselves for this dry spell, I think. Until then, I drive my Saab 9-3 sedan, which is the best argument to wait a while. That will be, believe me.

  • Hopefully the roller coaster ride is not approaching the next low again. The times for the dealers are getting harder and harder.

  • Keep cool!

    Some BMWs have been waiting for over a year, and it is now around 8 weeks until August 4th. Legally, this is not a sufficient reason for a cancellation. And it makes a lot of sense to make sure now that there are no interruptions again shortly afterwards.

    If I had a new purchase now, I would without hesitation order a SAAB 9-5 station wagon. If the dealer guarantees the price for the purchase of my old Saab may take a bit quiet.

  • well you can wait the few days ... what you are then with your other car in the workshop is longer than waiting until the 8th if and when the Saabine will come! 🙂
    So ... wait ... it's worth it ...

  • I've had enough

    I am fed up,

    Order canceled and bye

    one less of the new customers to be won

    take care

  • Well, Vorstadtcasanova, what else can you do? Order another car and wait for it? I handed in my leasing Volvo S80 in March and help myself now. Scheun shoots when the company car is missing…. Somehow I can manage the 1,5 to 2 months. Unfortunately, my SAAB dealer wanted to provide me with a Subaru on a rental / loan basis as a company car for a lot of money. Doesn't work at all.
    So people, stay with your order, if you love SAAB !!
    Greetings JoPe

  • Ex-CEO Jan Ake Jonsson already knew all this, and probably much more, in March 2011…. - Personally, I have not believed in a new start of production since this morning, but doubtful for a few weeks! - The last new SAAB automobiles will probably roll off the assembly line in the distant Ramos Arizpe, listening to the melodious name “9-4X”. - It's just sad !!

  • Of the 11.000 order cars will probably not be left at the end. When production starts again in August, the vehicles will only arrive at the customer in September. Anyone who has been waiting for his Saab since March will probably not be able to participate.

  • ... I keep my fingers crossed that it will start again soon and that you should never stand still again ...

  • That's the best decision you could make!

    it's plant holidays, even with saab and how else to start a production, which is not stopped immediately?
    The suppliers are not able to deliver parts before about 14 days!

  • After the x-fold up and down is the hope of a survival of Saab for business reasons
    really questioned. Costs and benefits are becoming more and more divergent, and the visions are therefore often very questionable.

    Quo vadis SAAB ...?

    (After different 10 SAAB I will probably keep the current 9-5 for x years.Bin the way so VERY

  • it's not normal anymore ... the millions are pushing back and forth (see yesterday's blog entry) and the brand is getting more and more confused!
    I can slowly understand that so many SAAB heads have left the sinking ship ... who knows what everything is pushing !? NORMAL is different ...

    I bought my SAABine 9-3 Cabrio in Inca Yellow 🙂 from leasing too ... and I'm also very, very satisfied .... :-) will probably never sell them ...

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