Saab situation: Saab hangover or what?

We are waiting for this: Running bands in Trollhättan
We are waiting for this: Running bands in Trollhättan

In the last GM years it was hard to be Saab fan. The bean counters from Detroit saved the Swedish company and tried us to take the fun of the brand. Who wanted to buy a Saab was opposite friends in explanation.

Now Saab builds good cars again, the products are consistent, what's in the pipeline looks good. But now there are the tapes. A fatal situation.

And stay the whole of July at a standstill. The silverware from Saab was sold today, below value as we think. A shortsighted decision that seriously jeopardizes the future of the Trollhättan site. Moreover, especially annoying, the sale solves not a single problem.

A Swedish newspaper calculated that the proceeds would be sufficient for the next two months' salary. So July and August are secured, time enough for the employees to look for a new employer.

Unfortunately, Saab communication is once again one of the reasons for all the misery. Months ago they spoke of a "morning cold" which then surprisingly wiped out the entire production. Until yesterday they wanted to hold on to a start of production in July, although the "bush drums" were already saying something else.

Now suddenly you discover the suppliers' summer holidays, a problem which IF Metal recognized last week.

Has the Saab management learned from the crises? No, you bounce off customers and dealers at regular intervals. Also today there was a low blow for all who have trusted the statements. The fans do not deserve that, we are loyal customers, some have been waiting since January for the cars ordered.

You are patient, but how much longer?

Like the suppliers. "Dagens Nyheter" published today from suppliers who last received money from Trollhättan in January. How long should this go on?

On Monday, contracts were signed with the new partners from China. These are now legally binding on board. The Chinese are - if we look at it matter-of-factly - the only straw that can guarantee a new production.

Will production be in August? If there is a financial input from China, then yes. If it stays off, we will continue to see standing bands.

Should one cancel his order now? Some readers today have vented their anger with emails to our blog. I understand that, but I'm not Saab. Nor am I Victor Muller, who tries to make fun of the brand every day. That's why I would answer that question once.

Would I order a new Saab? I think so. Am I a little crazy? Probably.


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    Two more sayings about today:

    When the water is up to your neck,
    then you should not hang your head.

    Towel Throwing -
    the favorite sport of the pessimists.

    Long live Saab


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    I think Tom was in a bad mood today. 😉 Like some others. What is understandable, you look at the situation in Sweden.

    Greeting Leif

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    Well, may the writer take a breath? Clear ! But that should not stay uncommented.
    Who would have trusted Victor Muller to build these diverse prospects for Saab? He fights like a lion for Saab. One should always imagine that this is about negotiations worth millions - and this on a broad front with various companies in different places.
    Some respect should be maintained here. And - maybe even look at the old favorites described as so loyal, who simply left in this situation retrospectively. Besides, I don't think that Victor Muller will also start production on his own on the side.
    It's certainly communicative at Saab something wrong, but the article passes the whole. Anyway, thanks, the blog is great and keeps my interest in Saab. And as I said, may the initiator also let off some air? Clear !

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      Also comment above should not be left uncommented.

      The Saab situation is actually pure hangover. Ribbons stand still for weeks, money is scarce, suppliers are left empty-handed, many sue in court, customers run away and Muller transforms from savior to cash taster. Here in the Swedish press, the news of the ominous bonuses has hurt his reputation a lot. In addition, the veiling technology of the press department, in short, everything goes wrong in the wrong direction.

      In this respect, the blog of Tom is not over the Tema, he meets the core.
      Except for one point: GM has not saved Saab, on the contrary, pumped in many billions, modernized factory and last left platform and tools.
      (please excuse my bad german)

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