Saab compatibility check part 2: Which brand fits Saab?

Our Saab compatibility check goes to the final round. As we have reported, we are urgently looking for a new car in our family. To our two Saab is a small, but not too reasonable city cars to come.

The decision is difficult, but time is running out. Waiting for a new little Saab 9-1 is not possible because we currently need the car.

Which brand fits our Saab? What would be acceptable to us as Saab fans? The vote has not really brought us further. Maybe that's what we fear that only a Saab fits into a Saab fleet.

Our intermediate status:

Our decision should be made next week. Our current candidates:

Audi A1

The Ingolstadt people think they have put a small cool car on the wheels. Do colorful ventilation roses from an Audi make a cool car? Or is only the extensive list of options cool because it brings a lot of money in the Ingolstadt box office? The A3 is currently far behind, rightly, as we find.

Citroen DS3

The mini from France. Inside and out really chic. Young drivers love the DS3. What would have thought at the beginning, Citroen comes with the production hardly behind. Does so much French chic fit in our Swedish fleet? One of our favorites.


The "almost" classic from England. Driving pleasure guaranteed, but extremely expensive. For this loving details and advanced technology. What Saab fans too?

Alfa MiTo

The traditional brand from Milan is not dead. The Italian answer to the Mini. Looks outrageously good, is not quite as crisp as the Mini. An alternative ? The Alfa, we found out, seems more like a Fiat. The cover is hui, but inside ...

Fiat 500

An eye-catcher from Italy. Retro, but very well done. for cheap prices and if necessary also with noble leather. An ideal city car, even with thrifty 2 cylinders or as fast Abarth to have. But is he compatible with Saab? Probably not, because the variability is very limited, even if the design is first cream.

BMW 1er

The smallest BMW from Munich. With rear-wheel drive sporty and agile. Compact in size and economical as well as powerful. Is the BMW image compatible with our Saab? No, really not. Who writes that? The BMW 1 Series is actually not a cool box for Saab fans, and it does not make it on our list.

Smart Fortwo

Rear engine, ignition lock on the center console, but somehow the Smart is very small and impractical. Is the Smart Concept Cool? Or is it a little car for a lot of money? Does the ignition lock alone make the Smart a Fast Saab or does it not fit at all?

Volvo C30

As a Swedish alternative, we have put the little one from Gothenburg on the list. Actually too big, but he is from Sweden. Is he the option for Saab fans?

Forgot something? Another idea ? A great city car with a fun factor that we do not have on the radar? We ask again for the opinion of the Saab fans.

Which car is Saab compatible?

  • Volvo C30 (29% 45 Votes)
  • None on the list (27% 42 Votes)
  • Fiat 500 (13% 21 Votes)
  • Citroen DS3 (11% 18 Votes)
  • Alfa Romeo MiTo (8% 13 Votes)
  • Mini (6% 9 Votes)
  • Smart For Two (3% 5 Votes)
  • Audi A1 (3% 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 157

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6 thoughts on "Saab compatibility check part 2: Which brand fits Saab?"

  • blank

    The C30 maybe makes sense as a Sportback (probably beginning 2012). I can not recommend the C30 with children.

  • blank

    Here in Sweden there is a rivalry between Saab and Volvo, as it has always been. I would never buy a Volvo, but I know that Volvo build very good cars.
    Ridiculous and stupid? Yes, perhaps.

    • blank

      Hi Lars,
      you're right ... no Volvo!
      Let's see what Tom brings from Hamburg today ... :-)))

      Christine (currently without a car, that's gone with the star)

  • blank

    I drive 3 SAAB`s
    1x 901 CC AERO
    1X 901 S Convertible
    1 x 9 3 II SC TID
    If I sell the 9-3, I do not know what to buy, the new 9-5 II is too big
    9-4x SUV for what, I'm not farmer
    9-2 that's it, but ………….
    It will probably be a Dacia Sandero, then it means driving to wegzuverfen afterwards!

  • blank

    SAAB and Volvo C30 go together very well. I can say that from my own experience 🙂 I drive my C30 now 3 years. So far, I had no problems. And what is very nice: C30 drivers greet each other!

  • blank

    in addition to four saab, we also drive two mini, a land rover freelander and a peugeot 1007 in the family because of the sliding doors.
    a product from the psa group no longer comes to us because of the quality.
    the mini is simply a great box, although we have already got a new engine on guarantee here at 20 tkm. he has style.

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