Saab News Sweden: The good bad news

Saab Trollhattan
Saab Trollhattan

At the end of June, 80 cases were registered with Kronofogden in Udevalla regarding Saab. Currently, the number of 90 creditors has risen against the carmaker. However, no major claims have been made in recent days. The largest, registered creditor is the supplier IAC Group Sweden with 44 million crowns.

So far, and that's the good news, none of these cases have been filed to enforce enforcement against the Trollhättan automaker. The spokeswoman for the court, Christina Lindberg, told the press. The creditors are obviously only interested in recognizing the legitimacy of the claims.

The suppliers are waiting. They are preparing for the worst case, but have not written off Saab. They wait, as we do, curious about what happens in Sweden in August.

Despite all the tragedy, this is good news. Because the suppliers expect our brand to survive. This is our interpretation of “keeping still” in Sweden.