Saab speculation: stock price Swedish Automobile NV


The summer slump has reached Sweden. There is not much that is happening about Saab right now. The press in Sweden is now speculating about the share price of Saab mother "Swedish Automobile", formerly Spyker.

Today the price was almost 12% lower and is now at € 2.29. Traders at the Amsterdam stock exchange explain the price with a "questionable" restart of production in August. Is it like this ?

The former Spyker stock is a paper with large price jumps. At the height of the last crisis, the stock traded on the 24.06 with only 0,96 €. The price rallied to 04.07.11 € by the 2,95. If you look at the number of shares traded today, until 12: 00 were just 400 pieces, the speculation story bursts completely in the summer hole.

Let's sit back and relax first. Let's enjoy the summer day, on the beach - or, if need be, in the office. And let's continue to enjoy our Saab.