Dagens Industri: Saab bashing in Sweden - again

Update: 16: 30

Sometimes you can not hear it anymore. Once again, Dagens Industri from Gothenburg reported poorly on Saab this morning. Is it the summer hole, or what's going on in Gothenburg?

It's probably the circulation that rises when you write bad news. Upper if you spekluiert.

As in the past month, it is quite topical to say today that Saab has not paid the levies and taxes on the Swedish state. As a reminder, Saab has always paid all taxes and duties in the frame.

Even Lene Johannson of the responsible tax office goes too far. At the request of the local newspaper from Trollhättan she said, this time it will be like the last time. Last month, Dagens Industri had again speculated against Saab, the payment was booked on time. The expected 34.331,030 krones will soon appear in the accounts of the tax authority.

Gunilla Gustavs from the Saab press office said on request that Saab paid the tax amount on time, as usual. Once again, Dagens Industri speculated wrongly.

That's how it is in Sweden. Taxes and income are transparent, everyone can see what the neighbor earns. And everyone can speculate whether the neighbor pays punctually or not. Like the magazine from Gothenburg.

Text: tom@saabblog.net

3 thoughts on "Dagens Industri: Saab bashing in Sweden - again"

  • the problem is just one day earlier means collecting less interest on the money

    and since the coffers are already clammy anyway, it can make a difference,

    I only do puke this cheese sheet, is probably sponsored by Volvo,

    as well as the AB of VW.

    a rogue who thinks bad

  • The taxes have now apparently arrived. On the one hand, you can rightly be angry with the media, which are always looking for the negative, and I do too. But a good strategy against this would be to offer as little attack surface as possible. Whether you pay the amount a day earlier or later does not matter if the money is there, which it apparently was. Hence my request to SAAB to avoid such unnecessary “mistakes”, there are definitely still enough hurdles that have to be overcome.

    In that sense, Griffin-up

  • Almost grotesque is the criticism of Antonov that his bank had lent credits too lightly.
    It's hard to keep looking for new things against Antonov.

    Obviously nobody noticed the banking crisis in Europe, which continues to this day - who was really frivolous?

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