People who believe in the Saab future: Erik Paulsson

Mats and Erik Paulsson
Mats and Erik Paulsson

The Saab Story continues, because Saab has friends in Sweden with a strong interest in the survival of the car maker. It would be shortsighted to reduce Saab to Chinese investors and to Victor Muller.

One who is interested in the continued existence of Saab is Erik Paulsson. Paulsson dominates among others the Brinova Fastigheter AB and PEABhis brother Mats is the owner of skistar, There are also hotel complexes and other investments.

He is one of the men behind the Swedish Open, through Erik Paulsson also Saab was on the list of sponsors.

Erik Paulsson belongs to the group of investors who bought the Saab factory premises. He believes in the continued existence of the car manufacturer in Trollhättan, drives a Saab itself. No BMW, like Mr. Reinfeldt.

Paulsson hopes that Saab can provide the money to restart production. Should it really come to worst with the car manufacturer, he still wants to secure the future of automotive construction in Trollhättan.

If we do not build cars, says Paulsson, we can make spare parts. Saab has many well-trained engineers and developers. There are developer relationships with other partners.

Victor Muller, who is controversial in Sweden, considers him a thoroughbred entrepreneur. The Paulsson brothers are not uncontroversial in Sweden either. In connection with the new construction of a stadium in Solna Erik Paulsson should have gone too far. On the 8. In June, the prosecutor brought charges of bribery.

If you read Paulsson's interviews in the Swedish press, then a piece of healthy, Swedish, partisanism sounds out. It is also about the brothers to secure jobs in Sweden, even if it is difficult.

Erik Paulsson and his brother Mats have invested in Trollhättan. The Gothenburg newspaper Dagens Industri asked if the Akrionäre of PEAB and Brinova now have to worry about the money. Was it an investment with heart or with reason?

With both, answers Erik Paulsson, with heart and mind.


Image: PEAB