Saab Compatibility Check: Which brand fits Saab Finale

Saab drivers have a hard time. Because we are spoiled. A Saab is safe, long-haul, variable and durable. The design is wonderfully Scandinavian. Modern but not fashionable. If you look for a small car as a Saab fan, things get tight.

We searched, the readers voted. This is how our result looks - and our purchase decision is not really surprising.

Volvo C30

As a Swedish alternative, we put the little one from Gothenburg on the list. The Volvo C30 is our readers' favorite - and it's (actually) our favorite. Although the Volvo does not have that “welcome home feeling” like a Saab, the ergonomics are not as good as usual. The interior design is a bit spartan except for the really great center console and somehow - maybe a little unfair - we always had a “Ford” feeling in the back of our minds.

But, that's a bit of a hiccup, because the Gothenburg is very close. Nevertheless, it has not become a Volvo.

Guilt was in the end, the chic, but impractical glass tailgate and the high sill. If a car of this size, then not only chic, but also practical.

Citroen DS3

The mini from France. Inside and out really chic. An absolutely fashionable car. That's our problem. He is too fashionable, too zeitgeist. He does not have long-term qualities, neither in design nor in quality. As Saab fans we are not the right clientele.

Fiat 500

It has been confirmed. Chic, beautiful to look at. The variability is very limited. Unfortunately, far too many compromises for us. Even if the heart speaks for the Fiat. The mind says "no". Not Saab compatible. No car for us.

Alfa MiTo

The MiTo is absolutely hui, but as we wrote at the beginning, too much Fiat. In addition, for the price, too little really intelligent details. Too bad, because the design of the little Italian is absolute class.


We would almost have become weak in this car. The Mini has mad great details. The technique is absolutely first cream. The equipment options almost unlimited. The prices are stately, but, the mini is worth the money. As I said, we almost became weak. A Mini Cooper, as a clubman.

Prevented the purchase of a customer advisor in the super chic BMW branch Dreieich, the customers in Saab T-shirt and jeans even after several desperate attempts ignored. Instead, chat with the colleague. That's never happened to me. Maybe I should have left that with the T-shirt. Maybe even Saab drivers just do not fit into a BMW branch.

Audi A1

The Ingolstadt stands like lead at the dealers. Why ? The prices melt like snow in the sun if one shows interest. So synonymous, we can not explain the A1 story. The car is somehow uncool, arbitrary, not innovative. You expect more from Audi.

Maybe the Ingolstadt citizens are to blame themselves. Vorsprung durch Technik is not. For on a completely new Audi, we have different expectations than just an eternally long list of options with things that no one needs.

Among our readers, the Audi has landed in last place. Not quite right, because there is still a drögeres car:

Smart Fortwo

What should one write about this? I think the Smart Fortwo was the most boring car on our list. As for the details, Mini, Audi A1, Alfa and Fiat 500 are made with much more attention to detail. The material selection is from yesterday. Nothing, but not really in the interior to find what the eye could enjoy. It comes, as it must.

I went to the dealer, looked at the car, saw the prices - didn't test drive. Price - performance - design - variability - everything is out of proportion.

And now ? We have solved the problem. Because we needed a car this week. We bought one.

And what has it become?

A brand new Saab, what else. Or what did you think?

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